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Planted. Picked. Produced.

The Nantes way

The origins of ‘tumbaga’, a Malay word, are obscure, complex and mysterious.  Tumbaga is known today as an alloy mixture including copper and gold. This blend is symbolic of the present and historic cultural melting pot that exists in the Paarl area of the Western Cape, South Africa, where Tumbaga Fine Wines are produced.


Tumbaga Fine Wines is a young company that is founded on history of the Paarl Valley. Located in the northern end of Paarl, commonly known as Noord Agter Paarl, the farm boasts of a rich agricultural background dating back to early 1900’s.


The origins of “Tumbaga”, a Malay word, are obscure and mysterious, today known as an alloy mixture including gold and copper. This alloy is symbolic of the present and historic cultural melting pot that exists in the Paarl area, where Tumbaga Fine Wines are handcrafted. Our basic principle is that good wine is created in the soil, hence we place a lot of emphasis is matching our cultivars to ideal soil type.

Paarl area is also known for wines of great depth and concentration, due to the ideal climatic and soil conditions in the region. With Paarl mountain as a backdrop, it provides diverse soil types due to the deposit that have accumulated over time, as well through the natural fountain that runs from the mountain through the farm. 

Meet our Winemaker


The winemaking team is lead by Sandile Mkhwanazi, a young and dynamic wine maker with a passion for back-to-basics farming and winemaking.  He follows the old way of tending the vines, slow, gentle and patient, often achieving lower yields per hectare, but consistent in quality of the highest order.

He has worked at renowned  South African cellars where he has crafted his winemaking skills. He also has international experience having worked at Chateau Siran, in Bordeaux. Before joining Tumbaga, he worked as a journalist for industry driven magazine, WineLand. 

Estate wine range: Tumbaga

The Tumbaga range consist of Still wines that epitomise winemaker  Sandile Gavin Mkhwanazi’s passion for attention to detail. This enables him to craft quality wine from the grapes sourced from our farm, Nantes Estate, which is well nestled in the northern part of Paarl. The climatic conditions in Paarl ensure optimum ripeness and perfect sugar to acid balance.

To sustain superior quality of grapes, water supply is closely monitored through scientific systems ensuring that canopy management is effective. This also help keep our yields low ensuring perfect concentration of fruit.

The climatic conditions makes it suitable to produce wine that burst with flavour yet keeping the true tradition of South African wine. Our range is championed by our Premium Tumbaga range which consist of Chenin Blanc, Pinotage and Cabernet Sauvignon.




Made The Nantes way

Nantes Tumbaga Estate wines are made with more than just legacy, more than just patience they are made The Nantes Way, International Quality Wines and experienced crafted in the heart of the Cape Winelands.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Perfumy nose showing typical cultivar characteristics, hints of prunes coriander backed by red fruit.

Aged under optimal conditions, it presents rich tannins and complexity. Best enjoyed with rich meats and game.

R/S: 3.3 g/l 

T/A: 6.2 g/l

V/A: 0.55 g/l

pH: 3.51

Alcohol: 14.4%

Chenin Blanc

The wine has peach, pear and tropical notes. Prominent on the nose with rich tropical and floral notes.

A rich palate, fresh with hints of citrus and litchi. Best enjoyed with seafood, chicken dishes and Cape Malay inspired dishes.

Chenin Blanc: R150.00
R/S: 2.5 g/l
T/A: 6.2 g/l
V/A: 0.52 g/l
pH: 3.31
Alcohol: 13%


Intense ripe berry and banana notes with hints of vanilla oak on the nose. Rich palate with ripe tannins and fruit with a lingering aftertaste.

A great expression of the primary notes of the variety. Best enjoyed with steak and will easily accompany any
rich meat and matured cheese.

Pinotage: R150.00
R/S: 3.2 g/l
T/A: 6.1 g/l
V/A: 0.67 g/l
pH: 3.48
Alcohol: 14.4%

Natural Sweet Chenin Blanc

This wine exemplifies the versatility of Chenin Blanc and is made to please. Great fruit definition, with marmalade and citrus backing. Soothing mouthfeel, with layers of flavour that peel through mid-palate. Best enjoyed with rich cheeses or on its own for those with a sweet tooth.

R/S: 215 g/l 

T/A: 6.9 g/l

V/A: 1.45 g/l

pH: 3.53

Alcohol: 8.26%

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