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One of the floor managers (advanced ballet girl) confronted me at closing wondering why I hadn't organized them back into stacks by color for the end of day because they looked nicer that way. You never really know who is a real friend/coworker. lululemon r/ lululemon. ), Press J to jump to the feed. Several other similarly intense exchanges and I noped the fuck out of there. Honestly in your situation it would be very hard to get a job at Lulu, there are people always applying and at least at my store they tend to hire people who have prior experience in retail and don't have another job. I think it just really depends from store-to-store. They needed to chill tf out. Hot New Top Rising. They will find a way to flip it on you. They never hire someone for just weekends, you have to be open for at least 20 hours a week and really dedicated to the company. Do I enjoy physical activity? It was like high school tbh. They are making so much money everyday and just because one person reached out and shared their story wont make a difference. I like that they encouraged reading and offered a mini library of reading materials to help achieve personal goals. Top. I didn't like that they tracked how many yoga classes you attended. He often speaks very highly of them in terms of how they treat employees, work-life balance, and as a company bending over backwards to ensure that employees are happy and able to achieve their life and family goals. 3 hours ago. I never once said what race my key leader was. Granted, this has been a few years, but essentially he was looked down on by other employees for not being able to afford any of the merchandise in the store. do you have any link to the reading list? The store also pays for her to take yoga classes and crossfit classes to give out sample clothing and get feedback. Also, I had no prior retail experience and have a large commitment outside of the store. It needs to be fixed! I'm a semi-competitive athletes looking to get a part time job with some benefit aside from some extra money (I admit fully I'd be in it partially for employee discounts). Log In Sign Up. The majority of the Lululemon team at my store was white, but we also had a few minorities. Seems like smart business on their end and weeds out the people that just want to come for a paycheck. Bad managers and toxic workplaces are not exclusive to “lesser brands”. Join. They expect more of you than most places would. That’s how they attract potential employees. Sounds like a bunch a places I worked before. I had been working there for 6months and no one had every asked for this task to be done. That was also more than a few years ago but I would have thought that would be an easy way to encourage staff to wear the stuff. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Close. Sitting behind a screen and posting vulgar comments just shows how weak of a person you are.

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