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The population of the Cook Islands, which is tiny, between 17,000 and 18,000 people, has been declining for a number of years.

0000019815 00000 n Today’s graphic looks at the top 50 highest cities worldwide, and compares their altitudes to well-known references (the differences are dizzying). 0000059203 00000 n What else is contributing to a decreasing population?

This is considerably higher than that of the mainland US, which sat at about 13% at that time. Global wealth share drops sharply between Europe and South America, though it’s worth noting that rising inequality is also hidden under the surface within many high-income regions. In fact, more Cook Islanders now live in New Zealand than in their home country. 0000022504 00000 n 0000013500 00000 n Meanwhile Nigeria, which is already Africa’s most populous country with near 196 million people, could potentially quadruple in numbers in the same time frame. Now, the scene is slightly different.

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By the year 2100—new estimates show the populations India and China could start to dip. 0000010594 00000 n The elevation data comes from the European Commission’s database of urban centers, using Thomas Brinkhoff’s City Population dataset for updated demographics. The continent could easily fit the entirety of China, India, the U.S., and multiple European countries within its borders. %%EOF Meanwhile, despite the European Alps stretching across eight countries and both Australia and New Zealand having many mountains tall enough to crack the list, both Europe and Oceania had no major city situated more than 1,000m above sea level.

The Human Development Report has been published most years since 1990.

Join the 200,000+ subscribers who receive our daily email, Here’s What Happens Every Minute on the Internet in 2020. This graphic ranks the world’s major urban centers by altitude above sea level. When it comes to sheer land mass, Asia emerges on top with over one-third of the global surface area.

0000059914 00000 n Although the average retirement age is gradually increasing in many countries, people are saving insufficiently for their increased life span—resulting in an estimated $400 trillion deficit by 2050.

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In this metric, Europe also rises to third place.

The U.S. and Canada each only had one city each crack the top 50 list: the Rocky Mountain-adjacent cities of Denver and Calgary. Though it might be expected that countries would have their population centers close to sea level, many instead have followed in the footsteps of past civilizations by building in higher regions.

Asia is once again on top, with almost two-thirds of the world squeezed onto the continent. Globally, the working-age population will see a 10% decrease by 2060. The world is experiencing a seismic demographic shift—and no country is immune to the consequences.

Examples of the country’s lack of solid leadership include the fact that in 2020, 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate were accidentally detonated in a port in Beirut, killing 190 people. 0000002587 00000 n 0000071414 00000 n 0000019181 00000 n Israel’s notably higher increase of 67% is due to the country’s high fertility rate, which is comparable to “baby boom” numbers seen in the U.S. following the second World War.

When ranking the world’s highest cities, we specifically looked at major urban centers with a population of one million or more inhabitants, with an elevation “floor” of 1,000m.

Economic instability, which can often accompany violent conflict, can also be a major cause of migration. 0000018551 00000 n 0000023761 00000 n

We’ve come a long way since Pangea. 0000059821 00000 n Unlike other US territories, it does not have a strong tourist industry. As 2020 marks the beginning of the Decade of Healthy Ageing, the world is undoubtedly entering a pivotal period. Antarctica has been excluded from these calculations.

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It’s notable just how mountainous Latin America is. An island governed by France but located just off the coast of Canada near Newfoundland and Labrador, Saint Pierre and Miquelon is charming, yet has its share of troubles.

Per every 1,000 women in Andorra, 8 give brith. By 2100, experts predict Earth’s population will peak at a tremendous 11 billion souls, packing some cities and countries with more individuals than is possible to really handle.

In terms of overall GDP, the Asian continent makes up the lion’s share. Populations are getting older in all OECD countries, yet there are clear differences in the pace of aging. That’s a city of two million people situated more than 100 meters higher than Mount Fuji in Japan. By 2030, the country’s workforce is expected to fall by 8 million—leading to a major potential labor shortage.

Finally, economic output—measured in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)—is the most common way to assess the relative prosperity of countries and continents. Click through to source to see the country breakdowns. A Declining Workforce. Regardless if future trends push more people thousands of meters into the sky, humanity has proven that it can prosper. As a result, the number of elderly people per 100 working-age people will nearly triple—from 20 in 1980, to 58 in 2060. As the table above highlights, while wide mountainous regions are concentrated in much of Asia, Latin America, and Africa, the Western world is largely located close to the water. Poverty and natural disasters are the main reasons people are migrating from Puerto Rico.

0000013386 00000 n China specifically had the most high metropolises in Asia, and many of the world’s highest settlements, though most of its major cities lie outside the Tibetan and Mongolian Plateaus. 0000002400 00000 n

As economic and political opportunities move around the globe in response to our needs and wants as humans, people will continue to migrate, and populations will continue to change.

We usually think of our planet as bursting at the seams with people. 0000071002 00000 n This territory is stuck in a difficult spot. It will fall the most drastically by 35% or more in Greece, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. 0000007696 00000 n Simply put, many people living there are looking for a better economic future, and often have to leave to find it.

trailer Countries from which many young people migrate experience aging populations that do not replenish themselves at a rate high enough to grow or remain stable.

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Citizens are leaving and migrating out to greener pastures, causing the population to creep downwards faster than it can be replaced. 0000003849 00000 n

The countries with the most high cities were China and Mexico, with eight each. 0000021036 00000 n Precious Metals Production, Visualizing How the Pandemic is Impacting American Wallets, The World’s Gold and Silver Coin Production vs. Money Creation, Visualizing U.S. Money Supply vs. As quality of life in Andorra is excellent - the country's life expectancy is one of the world's longest - the major factor behind its population shrinkage is actually a low birth rate. 0000084973 00000 n On that front, it certainly has a little help from the combined forces of Russia and China, even as the former overlaps Eastern Europe as well. Globally, the working-age population will see a 10% decrease by 2060. Failing to grasp the true size of Africa is a common mental mistake, as many maps systematically underestimate its scale. Certain countries are making great strides towards more sustainable pension systems, and the Global Pension Index suggests initiatives that governments can take into consideration, such as: Although 59% of employees are expecting to continue earning well into their retirement years, providing people with better incentives and options to make working at an older age easier could be crucial for ensuring continued economic growth. 0000013869 00000 n 0000147112 00000 n

So many are leaving that in 2018, prime minister Henry Puna promised to pay mothers baby bonuses of $770 for each child born on the islands in order to combat population decline. 0000004523 00000 n Here are the top five countries with the biggest population declines in 2020. Volatile Returns: Commodity Investing Through Miners and Explorers, How Total Spend by U.S. The next four are more than 1,000m lower than El Alto-La Paz, with Ecuador’s capital Quito coming in at second place at 2,784m and Colombia’s capital Bogotá rounding out the top five at 2,601m. At this, the U.S. dominates with $21.4T according to the World Bank, though it swaps places with China which boasts $23.5T when adjusted for purchasing power parity (PPP).

The final HDI is a value between 0 and 1 with countries grouped into four categories depending on the value, very high for HDI of 0.800 and above, high from 0.700 to 0.799, medium from 0.550 to 0.699 and low below 0.550. There are many other social and economic risks that we can come to expect as the global population continues to age: The strain on pension systems is perhaps the most evident sign of a drastically aging population.

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While some countries continue to grow rapidly, others are seeing their populations decline. Many factors can cause a country to have a shrinking populace. Besides this industry and a few people working in tourism, jobs can be hard to come by. 0000070660 00000 n Asia’s lead in population is impressive, but it’s a margin that is unlikely to last forever.

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While increasing life expectancy and declining birth rates are considered major achievements in modern science and healthcare, they will have a significant impact on future generations.

On the other end of the scale, it will increase by more than 20% in Australia, Mexico, and Israel. Since Puerto Ricans can readily immigrate to the continental US (and can only vote for a president if they do so), many choose to make the leap. 0000066439 00000 n

Continuing to increase the age of retirement, Increasing the level of savings—both inside and outside pension funds, Increasing the coverage of private pensions across the labor force, including self-employed and contract employees, to provide improved integration between various pillars, Preserving retirement funds by limiting the access to benefits before the retirement age, Increasing the trust and confidence of all stakeholders by improving transparency of pension plans.

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