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For more than 200 years, dedicated do-it-yourselfers and professionals have trusted the True Temper® name because of the quality of our tools and the intelligent design that goes into them. Get access to exclusive content, giveaways & more. MARKINGS and LABELS During their history, the Kelly Axe Mfg. The chemistry is really quite cool. This reduces the hardness a little, but reduces the brittleness a lot. More information on heat treating (and great diagrams on the chemistry behind it) can be found here: Stay in touch with B&C! Get access to exclusive content, giveaways & more. Iron alone is too soft to be of much use to the tool maker. Apologies to all the chemists, blacksmiths and metallurgists out there for this oversimplification of the heat treating process! In 1982, True Temper's Kelly Works (Charleston WV) factory was closed. In other words, less sharpening and more chopping! Wood Handled Axes. If allowed to cool slowly back to room temperature the carbon atoms come out of solution and the steel returns to its original state.

. At room temperature, high carbon steel consists of ferrite crystals which have iron atoms at each corner of a cube and one in the middle. By clicking 'Join Now', you agree to our terms of use. Vintage 2 1/4 lb True Temper Woodsman Single Bit Boys Axe Head Collector Camping By heating the steel up to around 1500 F the carbon becomes dissolved in the crystalline structure of the ferrite creating a new structure referred to as “austenite.”  Another way to think of it is that austenite is a solution of iron and carbon.

TOUGHSTRIKE 1.25 lb. It must be important for one brand to be called “True Temper,” companies like Emerson & Stevens to emboss the initials of the temperer right on the axe, and many companies to highlight tempering in their ads and labels.

A new structure known as “martensite” is formed. This is called the “hamon line.”.

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Tempering is simply raising the temperature of the hardened steel to reduce the stress in the steel caused by heat treating. I know I lost you at “crystalline,” but wait it gets good . © 2020 The Ames Companies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. For example, 1055 steel has a carbon content of .55%. Compare. Want to get the most out of your membership?Check your inbox for our Welcome Email. Most steels need to be tempered at about 450°F for maximum usable hardness but every steel is slightly different.

But what if we cool the heated steel rapidly? Home → Tools → Striking Tools → Axes and Mauls → Axes → Wood Handled Axes. American Manufacturing. American Hickory Camp Axe #20180300; TOUGHSTRIKE 2.25 lb. Need help choosing the right lawn and garden tools?

Most axes are heat treated at the bit end only. We know that “tempering” is an important stage in axe making. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. Hardening is possible due to two characteristics of the iron and carbon found in steel: (i) Iron can exist in different crystalline structures, and (ii) carbon atoms are 1/30 the size of iron atoms.

In 1987 True Temper sold the Kelly division along with the many brand names to Barco Industries of Reading, Pennsylvania. True Temper Pick Handle . Answer these few questions to help us tailor your experience just to you! You may also control your privacy settings in your account area. The most popular color? Your personal information is held on secure servers.

“True Temper” – Hardening and Tempering Axe Steel We know that “tempering” is an important stage in axe making.

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