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LOADED!!! A TAT A36-no speed mods-should be capable of 205 to 210 knots. Buyers also get improved baffling, which GAMI calls the LiquidAir system.

Paragon Purchasing, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has access to over 2 billion new and obsolete parts applicable within the aerospace and defense industries. Contact – Tornado Alley Turbos, 888-359-4264, www.taturbo.com, Also With This Article“Checklist”“More Squeeze, Less Heat = More Power”“Performance Notes”. The Malibu has pressurization, of course, while the A36 doesnt. During our tour of TATs Ada shop in February, we examined the production facility and were shown various improvements made to the FlightCraft system.

One obvious concern is engine durability at those power outputs and we wont be surprised if traditionalists launch a whisper campaign suggesting that these engines will never bear the strain. For the equivalent manifold pressure and fuel/air charge density, the higher compression piston delivers more power and the downstream EGTs are significantly lower because of more efficient burning. In economy mode, it does about 154 knots on 11.5 GPH. Whether on a new or older aircraft, we havent see a turbo installation thats better engineered or that delivers as much economical performance for the money. It came from the factory with a 260-HP IO-470 but could also have been converted to either an IO-520 or, more recently, an IO-550 of up to 300 HP. A turbo system thats capable of holding the manifold pressure at 30 inches but no more is considered to be a turbonormalizer because it maintains sea-level normal as altitude increases. Tornado Alley Turbos. Warrantied inventory at competitive prices, Search the world's largest inventory of electronic components by manufacturer, category or part number, All inventory ready to ship from our sellers, We sell only warrantied and traceable parts.
But the magic to these systems-and its more basic physics than magic-is improved thermal efficiency. © Belvoir Media Group, LLC.

Based on several test flights, we think the bang-to-buck ratio of the TAT conversion is more favorable than that of a many factory systems because the TAT airplanes are fast and economical. that I have the certifications and ratings selected above as Given that $42,950 is a fraction of the $700,000 cost of a new A36, we cant see an argument against putting a Whirlwind II conversion on a new A36.
The fuel/range economic Delta is substantial, by the way, and its what makes the TAT systems potentially transformational for owners who make long trips. Speaking of cooling, intercoolers are another important element of the TAT systems. This is what Braly calls go-fast mode. A few turbocharged singles-the Cessna 210, the Bonanza A36TC/B36TC, the Mooney 252-inch up on the magic 200 knots but fall frustratingly short. Customer satisfaction is our priority. It's very good. Typically, if an owner opts for the GAMISPEC and TAT together, the total invoice will come to between $70,000 and $75,000. In that scenario, with long-range tanks, the max range of the airplane, assuming a 45-minute reserve, increases to nearly 1500 nautical miles from the 1200 to 1300 miles in go-fast mode. We were impressed with the re-engineering of the induction piping, including a clever magnetic door for alternate air with a microswitch indicator, alerting the pilot that alt air is active due to an iced primary inlet.

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