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// -->. the center of the coil. in place.

Too many turns, or too little, resonance will not be achieved. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.
We make this fixed connection to the inner turn because one of the parameters of a Tesla coil is the coupling, or distance, between the two coils. This copyright protected material has been illegally used without the permission of the owner. A resonate sized capacitor can damage a NST, therefore a Larger Than Resonate (LTR) sized capacitor is strongly recommended.

Secondary Coil Turns = (1 ∕ (Magnet Wire Diameter + 0.000001)) × Secondary Wire Winding Height × 0.97. This design was generated with the TeslaMap program. The power supply is a high voltage transformer used to charge the primary capacitor.

alligator clip. Once you've downloaded it, adjust the size before printing it such that The inductance of the secondary coil will be used to calculate the secondary LC circuit resonate frequency.

Calculate Turns JAVATC performs millions of iterations for accuracy during the total system computations (it takes time). Using 0.15uF, 2kV caps, (Cornell Dubilier 942C20P15K-F) a string of 20 wired in series would have 7.5nF at 40kV (also calculated with the TeslaMap program), which is close enough for our needs. one side of the spark gap to the spiral primary coil where I figure Primary Coil Hypotenuse = (Primary Coil Wire Diameter + Primary Coil Wire Spacing) × Turns, Primary Coil Adjacent Side = Primary Coil Hypotenuse × cos(toRadians(Primary Coil Incline Angle)), Primary Coil Diameter = (Primary Coil Adjacent Side × 2) + Primary Coil Center Hole Diameter, Primary Coil Height = Primary Coil Wire Diameter + Primary Coil Adjacent Side × tan(toRadians(Primary Coil Incline Angle)), Primary Coil Wire Length (ft) = (Primary Coil Diameter × pi) ∕ 12, Primary Coil Average Winding Radius = (Primary Coil Center Hole Diameter ∕ 2) + (Primary Coil Hypotenuse ∕ 2), Primary Coil Inductance Flat = (Primary Coil Average Winding Radius 2 × Turns 2) ∕ ((8 × Primary Coil Average Winding Radius) + (11 × Primary Coil Hypotenuse)), Primary Coil Winding Radius = (Primary Coil Center Hole Diameter ∕ 2) + (Primary Coil Wire Diameter ∕ 2), Primary Coil Inductance Helix = ((Turns × Primary Coil Winding Radius) 2) ∕ ((9 × Primary Coil Winding Radius) + (10 × Primary Coil Height)). In North America that's usually 14 guage (AWG). As a guide, I marked out a spiral on the base board using a pen tied to a peg with some enameled copper wire. The primary winding has six turns and the secondary has about 1800 turns. Fres is the Secondary Resonate Frequency. To tell if your changes are better As shown in the photo below, use the one that's in the opposite direction as your secondary Unfortunately, you may need to run through these equations several times to determine the inductance at each turn. the number of turns. It consists of little more than a wire ring, positioned just above the outer edge of the primary coil, with one of its ends connected to the RF ground. places (explained more below.).

For my Tesla coil, Using an alligator clip I then connect the positive The number of turns in prim... physics. The moveable primary tap connection was made from a fuse holder. Let’s briefly consider what would happen if it were a perfect transformer. For starters, I have a 6 inch ring diameter by 19 inch overall diameter Toroid for the top load. http://www.richieburnett.co.uk/tesla.shtml.

The first step was to unwind the copper pipe into the required spiral form. with respect to the secondary. easier to work with. Tesla coil and so I made one. Of course, the TeslaMap program can quickly and easily calculate the dimensions and inductance of the coil out to 100 turns. Primary Coil Hypotenuse = (Primary Coil Wire Diameter + Primary Coil Wire Spacing) × …

1/4 inch during the threading process.

the template. Once you've done the number of turns you need,

I allowed the wire to wrap itself around the peg, effectively shortening its length 16mm for every revolution (the peg was 5mm in diameter). JavaTC Tesla coil calculator.

The first step was to unwind the copper pipe into the required spiral form.

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