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Well, there is a lot to love about this wild Albacore tuna. There is no oil, water, or other fillers. Before making your purchase, you need to know what kind of tuna is exactly inside the can by decoding the labels. As it is canned in water, the tuna contains 50% lower sodium compared to other competitors. So, no flavor is lost. However, the brand does not can all tuna. It earns 4.43-star rating out of 5 on its website. On the flip side, Bumble bee products have a strong fishy taste.

This product comes in a 5-oz can, so the number of calories will be 175. This product contains yellowfin tuna in olive oil without any preservatives or additives. Trader Joe’s is a lesser-known name in the industry, but that does not mean its product is of low quality. Chicken of the sea fish is MSC certified. In addition, no water or oil means the tuna preserves its original flavors and nutrients. When fresh tuna is unavailable, the canned version is a good substitute. White tuna is the species you should avoid eating often because it is considered near-threatened. Packed in each can is just white albacore tuna and water. Sustainably sourced tuna with mild flavors and guaranteed freshness characterize this brand. Free from gluten and soy, it is dolphin safe, healthy and a great snack or meal for those who are watching their weight or on a diet. The nutrition facts of this product might be of interest to you. You would be impressed to know that there is 140 mg of omega 3s per serving. If you are not satisfied with the product, just contact the manufacturer. Pole & Line Caught Wild Skipjack Tuna in Olive Oil. Those not transparent about the catching and canning methods are also tuna brands to avoid. Using pole and line or trolling is fine as it kills few non-target animals. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. For your information, yellowfin have a stronger taste compared to albacore. The tuna tastes fresh and is very meaty. Additionally, the packaging is BPA free and FDA approved. Like the #5, I cannot give you a specific answer to this question. To ease your worries about sustainability, I acknowledge that this canned tuna is dolphin-safe certified by Earth Island Institute. Shop (2 Pack) Starkist Solid White Albacore Tuna In Water; 4 Pack of 5-Ounce Cans (Total of 8 5-Oz Cans) by StarKist. She is now a full-time freelance writer, engaging her diverse educational qualifications and extensive travel experiences to create content that inspires and educates. The company has a very small carbon footprint. Due to its mild and less fishy flavor, it is perfect for making tuna sandwiches, casseroles, and even corn cakes.

When it says solid albacore, it does mean solid. Wild Planet tuna tastes amazing in sandwiches, salads, and casseroles.

This canned tuna is made from very tasty yellowfin tuna meat.

The tuna is certified wild-caught, so you can rest assured that the tuna supply is sustainable and the dolphins are perfectly safe in the ocean. The best thing about this canned tuna is that it contains no salt. While most brands add water back to the cooked tuna, Callipo drains off the excess water completely. The product stays true to its “Produce of Italy” label. The real tuna is cooked inside the can without synthetic colors, artificial flavors or preservatives. A highlight of this Ocean Naturals salted white tuna is that it comes with a great price.

To put it simply, I will say that canned tuna is healthy, but you should not eat it too often. Safe Catch is the partner of Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood watch, so you can rest assured about this claim.

Amongst all kinds of tuna, albacore seems the favorite of many consumers owing to its firm and light flavor. Feel free to eat this without worrying about gaining weight or so. StarKist chunk light tuna is one of the top-rated canned tuna on the market. Additionally, it is delicious. The entire process from catching the fish to processing it and packing is done in Italy. Although there are different types of canned tuna varieties available from different brands, not all are equal.

So, this fish is a great choice for all the right reasons! Added dressings are no longer necessary then! Bumble Bee tuna is kosher, non-GMO, and keto-friendly. Bumble Bee did it well to store and process the fish in water, making the flavors more subtle and delicate. Buy it in bulk for a better deal. The can is quite small. Ortiz Bonito Del Norte has established itself as a leader in high-quality fish produce. First, the tuna is caught with only poll and troll lines before being processed by hands. It is deliciously chunky, flavorful, and cooked to perfection. However, if you ever ask, canned light tuna is a healthy option with least mercury, according to the EPA and FDA. The manufacturer offers you four choices with this canned tuna. To top all the goodies off, this canned tuna comes with a full refund guarantee. The only complaint with Starkist tuna is its imperfect packaging. One useful tip is that you can drain and rinse the tuna to completely remove the smell. So, Wild Planet tuna is generally eco-friendly and healthy at once. What I love about the StarKist chunk light tuna is that it has a mild flavor. So, it is easy to use it in all types of dishes. StarKist chunk light tuna is one of the top-rated canned tuna on the market.

Don’t worry! The look of the packaging design may vary. The brand produces different types of canned fish including mackerel, anchovies, and tuna. It serves as a great snack to boost your energy during the day. Every single fish is tested for mercury levels. As a healthy snack, the tuna contains no fat at all. She is also an avid reader, travel enthusiast and trained classical dancer. Albacore is milder in flavor compared to chunk light tuna. Looking at the nutritional content of each product on the list, I would say: I will give the answers based on my preferences. The chunk light tuna provides a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which will benefit your health in many ways. Whether it is to make a simple sandwich or to use it in a gourmet salad, the quality of tuna will significantly affect the final taste. Resist from eating tuna caught by longlines and drift gill nets, as these gears kill not only tuna but also many different marine species.

Affordable canned tuna that is tasty and wholesome! It all boils down to your preference in the end.

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This unit is solid white tuna in water, so the real volume of tuna might be less than 5 ounces. The only complaint with Starkist tuna is its imperfect packaging. Wild Planet uses only sea salt to preserve the fish. The tuna is shelf-stable and isn’t high in mercury content.

Hand-selected fillets of our finest yellowfin tuna marinated in roasted garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil are designed to create a product of exceptional flavor and quality. Despite this factor, there is no compromise in the taste or quality. Hence it is suitable for people with various dietary restrictions. According to the nutrition facts, each 2 oz of canned tuna has 70 calories. You can compare it to the StarKist solid white albacore to see the difference. Open Nature stands behind its products by providing a quality and satisfaction guarantee. Big Size pouch, StarKist E.V.O.O.® Wild Yellowfin Tuna with Sun-dried Tomato, NEW! Each serving of 56g contains 15g of protein and provides 60 calories. For instance, it can be used in salads and pasta where the taste of tuna shouldn’t overshadow the rest of the ingredients.

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