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hŞb```¢� R%��Ÿø�bl,�º10s`À )E,z$Vu¹*r!¹ò†|T†Ù8££Âd ëèh ™lAŠ”�X,¢ÎÀ«àì%Óğ¨¥ÆÍÁ“qGQ³�¼€4ëıƒÏ$. & R) Act,1971 [वर प्रकाशित: 28-12-2018(ED)]; Legal Order (Ali Bahadur SRA vs Rupaji constructions) [वर प्रकाशित: 21-12-2018(Cop)] Order(Proceeding under sec 13(2) of SRA (I,C & R) [वर प्रकाशित: 06-12 … (or other questions regarding membership cards) OffColorDecals Card Fulfillment [email protected] I would like to renew, cancel, or update my membership on file. Revised LOI - S. R. Scheme on plot bearing Final Plot no. We use the payment provider iATS to process payments. 0000022168 00000 n

Cancellations submitted seven (7) days before the event date are refunded less a $75 cancellation fee. Scheme on land bearing CTS Nos. सदनिका वाटपाबाबत. संस्था, वांद्रे (प. Become an SRA member -   if you already have an account on our website you'll be prompted to sign in as the first step in the joining process. Are you a Retailer with less than 100 employees? In many areas, opportunities also exist to get involved in a regional organization. … 1, of Village Panchpakhadi,Thane (W).

अधिनियम १९७१ चे कलम ३क (१) अंतर्गत झोपडपट्टी पुनर्वसन क्षेत्र घोषित करणे बाबत सुधारित कार्यपध्दती निश्चित करणे बाबत, Partial Modification/Alteration to the Circular no. Please refer to the SRA Constitution & Rules in the attached PDF File below. एसआरए / डीवाय. ५, ६ व ७. *37, 38, Tika No. Member Rate - all prices in USD: Early Bird (deadline Oct. 9) Registration (after Oct. 9) One Track + Main Event (4 days of education) $299: $349: Two Tracks + Main Event (6 days of education) $595: $645: Three Tracks + Main Event (8 days of education) $750: $800: International Track + Main Event (4 days of education) $250: $300: Full Meeting* (17 days of education) $850 2. in response to an invoice.

Scheme on plot bearing F.P. 0000001368 00000 n Guidelines 0000012220 00000 n Declaration of slum area of ​​slum dwellers with planned arrangements for the merchandise of Panchmahal Panchayat, Thane, in relation to land no. Part-time member (under 25 hours per week), £60, Student (f/t), unwaged, or retired member, £25, Free access to over 5,500 social science journals, An entry in our Directory of Members' Services(forthcoming). Sitemap  |  Terms & Conditions  |  Privacy Policy, * Fees quoted are subject to 7% Goods and Services Tax, To join simply complete the Membership Application Form Below, To join, simply complete the Membership Application Form, Social Media Marketing - Creating Contents for New Leads, Strategic Digital Marketing for the Retail Sector, SRA-SBF Partnership under SBF RISE Programme, Singapore Retail Industry Conference & Exhibition 2019, Listing of your company (with hyperlink) on the SRA website www.retail.org.sg, Getting exclusive invites to member only events & workshops worth more than S$1000 pa, Gaining insights on new government schemes, grants, technologies and initiatives to help you, Having a platform where your opinions & views are heard and represented, Driving your topline & raise your brand profiles via SRA industry events (GSS, SRA Golf etc. 0000002865 00000 n 1, at Ramchandra Nagar, village Panchpakhadi,Thane (W). Online Registration  Good news for taxpayers - 100% of your SRA membership fee can be claimed against UK tax, so don't forget to report it on your tax return. Our Annual Meeting is moving online! The entrance fee and subscription rates are scaled to meet the different sizes of companies. No.43,T.P.S. Our partners’ expertise can help your firm run more efficiently. 0000004211 00000 n Members typically contribute $5 to $50 per … महाराष्ट्र सर्व हक्क राखीव, [वर प्रकाशित: 24-07-2018(Legal Department)], [वर प्रकाशित: 28-05-2018(Deputy Collector)], Circualr for Permission for Pre-monsoon measures for Slum Rehabilitation schemes, As per order by Hon.

All major cards, including corporate cards, are accepted. All fees will be reimbursed in the case of meeting cancellation. © ही झोपडपट्टी पुनर्वसन प्राधिकरण-मुंबईची अधिकृत संकेतस्थळ आहे.

जाहिर सुचना, प्रा.लि.702, नटराज, एम.व्ही.रोड जंक्श़न, वेस्ट़र्न एक्सप्रेस हायवे, अंधेरी (प) मुंबई:४०००६९.

18 C.T.S No.75(pt), 76 & 80 MaUje Naupada, Thane (W). The SRA recognizes the achievements of its members with several awards and honors its past presidents and a small number of members with major contributions to the SRA and/or field of risk analysis by recognizing them as SRA Fellows.Members can use the membership directory to quickly find contact information for other members, for example, to find a colleague with a particular type of expertise. Southern Rodeo Association memberships may be purchased online or by mail as follows: PURCHASE MEMBERSHIP ONLINE CLICK HERE. गृहनिर्माण संस्थेची पुर्ण इमारत अथवा इमारतीतील काही मजले सील केले आहेत अशा गृहनिर्माण संस्थाकरीता मार्गदर्शक सुचना. 15 C.T.S. The following are just some of the benefits your company will enjoy as an SRA member: We look forward to welcoming you to the Association! 0000000016 00000 n Privacy Policy सुचना:मौजे-कांजूर,ता.कुर्ला न भु क्र १२६६,१२६७,१२६८ यामधील साई शांती सहकारी गृहनिर्माण संस्थेचे क्षेत्र झोपडपट्टी पुनर्वसन क्षेत्र घोषित करणेबाबत, Public Notice: मौजे-कुर्ला-३, ता-कुर्ला,न.भु .क्र.३७९ अ,३७९/१ ते १०, ४७५ अ पै,श्री सिद्धिविनायक सह.गृ.सं. 0000015505 00000 n नि.व पु.) Contact Virginia Cunigan for more information. Some of these meetings offer discounts for SRA members.

0000003272 00000 n Membership is open to any individual or professional who has contributed to, is interested in or has furt… 0000001749 00000 n 9 .2018 / 6 9 9, मौजे पाचपाखाडी त जी ठाणे यथिल न भू क्र १३४ या मिलाक्तीवरील नियोजित सह गृह संथा झोपडपट्टी धारकांचे शेत्र घोषित करणेबाबत. Retailers operating in Singapore may join as Ordinary Members (B2C).

४६१,४६१/१ ते ६८ व ४६२,४६२/१ ते १७ या मिळकतीवरील झोपडपट्टी पुनर्वसन क्षेत्र घोषित करणेबाबत. SRA International privacy policy can be found at www.srainternational.org/privacy. Publishing houses, credit and charge card companies, real estate agencies, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers have joined SRA as Associate Members. RFQ cum RFP for the S.R. We're offering a slate of workshops, main events, educational tracks and social networking opportunities designed to fit our members' schedules and needs. जाहीर सूचना: श्री कंडेश्वरी को.आ.हौ.सोसायटी सह.गृह.संस्था,वांद्रे(प) यांनी त्यांचा संस्थेशी संबंधित जाहीर सूचना. The 2020 SRAI Annual Meeting website and app have been sponsored by, includes Workshops, Main Event, all Tracks, networking events, Section Membership Business Meetings, One Track + Main Event (4 days of education), Two Tracks + Main Event (6 days of education), Three Tracks + Main Event (8 days of education), International Track + Main Event (4 days of education), One Track + Main Event (4 days of education), Two Tracks + Main Event (6 days of education), Three Tracks + Main Event (8 days of education), International Track + Main Event (4 days of education), Log in with your primary email address or create an account as a visitor. जेरेमियाह सहकारी गृहनिर्माण संस्था या झोपडपट्टीचे पुनर्वसन करणेसाठी म.प्रा.वन. Notice:मौजे-कन्हेरी तालुका-बोरिवली येथील न भु क्र ८७,८७/१ ते ३२ या मिळकतीवरील आशापुरा प्रॉपर्टीज यांचे मांगणीनुसार,झोपडपट्टी पुनर्वसन क्षेत्र घोषित. SRA offers three categories of Membership. यांच्याशी संबंधित. ), माहिम विभाग. Purchase orders are NOT accepted. न्यु टेक्निकल एसआरए सहकारी गृहनिर्माण संस्था मर्या., अंधेरी (पुर्व) सदनिका वाटपाबाबत. महाराष्ट्र झोपडपट्टी पुनर्वसन अधिनियम, Public Notice: महाकाली दर्शन SRA सहकारी गृह निर्माण संस्था मर्या.,अंधेरी पूर्व मुंबई ०६९. महाराष्ट्र झोपडपट्टी (सु.नि.व.पु.) Membership Inquiries When will I receive my membership card? *Full Meeting registration rate includes Workshops, Main Event, all Tracks, networking events, Section Membership Business Meetings, and the Virtual Exhibit Hall. Membership fees are based on a voluntary contribution amount with a minimum of $5 per person. 0000008770 00000 n Make check (please note check #) payable to SRA and mail to: SRA ⋅ 950 Herndon Parkway, Suite 450 Herndon, VA 20170 ⋅ Fax: 703-790-2672 REGIONAL ORGANIZATION DUES USA/CANADA AND 0000015619 00000 n No. पाटकर रोड, विलेपार्ले (पुर्व). Proposed S. R. Scheme on plot bearing C.T.S. **For non-member, the full meeting registration includes one year of SRA International full membership. Syb Executive Deputy [email protected] गृह. 7627, 7627/1 to 852 of village Kolekalyan Taluka Andheri belongs... Slum Rehabilitation Areas Declaration public notices, Slum Rehabilitation Area Declaration public notices, Slum Rehabilitation Areas Declaration public notice, Six Month extension of Empanelled Agencies for Conducting DGPS-ETS Survey of Slum Rehabilitation Scheme Boundary, Proceedding under Section 13(2) Of SRA(I.C. गृह संस्था, वांद्रे(प.). Counsels for S.R.A .pdf. Institutional rates are offered as customizable packages to fit your team's needs. There are two payment options for joining the SRA: 1. with a credit or debit card. Proposed Slum Rehabilitation scheme on plot bearing S.No. ), Building a valuable network of contacts & upgrade your capabilities, Enjoying attractive group discounts & savings on third party services. Registration substitutions from the same institution are accepted. SRA members are part of a growing and thriving community characterized by a shared commitment to excellence in risk analysis theory and practice. Approvals. Members can also propose to conduct workshops with SRA sponsorship. Revised LOI for the S. R. Scheme on plot bearing No. (Pay by Credit Card or Check), Download Registration Form - Individual 509,510 (pt) of TMC at P ^ c h p ^ a th , Thane (W)-400604. 0000010556 00000 n All fees will be reimbursed in the case of meeting cancelation.

If you are purchasing workshop only registrations, please Download Registration Form - Individual and send to Virginia Cunigan to process registration. Housing Society (Prop)”. 0000008245 00000 n Memberships are by individual or by household. The Solicitors Register is a service for checking a solicitor or firm that is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. 0000007315 00000 n

Involvement in your community! COLL / टी -6 / 3 सी / डब्ल्यू.

0000014589 00000 n If five or more people in your organisation get together to join the SRA at the same time, and can arrange a single annual payment and an admin contact person, you will each receive a 10% discount on the above rates. 0000005742 00000 n

४ एकूण २४ निवासी सदनिका वाटप, Public Notice: महाकाली दर्शन SRA सहकारी गृह निर्माण संस्था मर्या.,अंधेरी पूर्व मुंबई ०६९.

Invoices will NOT be issued. जाहीर सुचना हिंद एकता एस.आर.ए. 507pt of village panchpakhadi, Thane west. 2. in response to an invoice.

If you are conducting research on adolescence, SRA provides exceptional professional development and networking opportunities. Please do not email, mail AND fax your registration form. महाराष्ट्र शासनाने झोपडपट्टीने व्यापलेली जमीन हा मूलभूत उत्पन्नाचा स्त्रोत धरुन त्यावर चटईक्षेत्र निर्देशांक देऊन, की जेणेकरुन खुल्या बाजारातील सदनिकांच्या विक्रीच्या रकमाद्वारे झोपडपट्टीवासीयांना पक्की घरे मोफत मिळतील, या योजनेसाठी कायद्यामध्ये आवश्यक बदल करुन झोपडपट्टी पुनर्वसन प्राधिकरणची स्थापना केली. Thus no company is too small to be a member of the Association. No. Good news!

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