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h. FALSE - The speed of sound through a material is dependent upon the properties of the material, not the characteristics of the wave.

FALSE - As the tension of a guitar string is increased, the speed of vibrations in the string is increased and the frequency will be increased. f. FALSE -This would be a true statement for standing wave patterns formed in closed-end resonance air columns.

The speed is inversely related to the square root of the linear density. Yet the speed of a wave is independent of each. d. FALSE - As waves (of any type) are transmitted from one medium to another, the speed and the wavelength can be altered, but the frequency will not be changed. The frequency of each harmonic is a whole number multiple of the fundamental frequency. Predict what will happen to the sound waves when the sound source is in motion. TRUE - A sound wave transports its energy by means of particle interaction. g. FALSE - All sound waves are created by vibrating objects of some sort. k. FALSE - The wavelength of the first harmonic of an open-end air column is two times the length of the air column - 40 cm.

h. TRUE - If a closed-end air column has a fundamental frequency of 250 Hz, then the other frequencies in the set of natural frequencies are 750 Hz, 1250 Hz, 1750 Hz, etc. l. FALSE - Intensity varies inversely with distance from the source. Included in unit you will find short reading passages, organizers, interactive notebook foldable activities, writing activities, posters, task ca. If the echo is heard 0.720 seconds after the shout, then the speed of sound through the canyon is 176 m/s.

Which of the following statements are TRUE of sound intensity and decibel levels? g. FALSE - Open-end air columns can produce all harmonics - first, second, third, fourth, etc. The passage explains that sound is created when a force causes matter to vibrate. The Watt is a unit of power and the meter2 is a unit of area. c. TRUE - Resonance results in a big vibration because two waves are now interfering in a regular manner to produce a resultant wave with a large amplitude of vibration. Ups and Downs This wind surfer is riding high for now, but that will change soon. p. TRUE - The speed of a wave in a string is directly related to the square root of the tension in the string. A standing wave pattern is a regular and repeating vibrational pattern established within a medium; it is always characterized by the presence of nodes and antinodes.

e. TRUE - The fundamental frequency is the lowest possible frequency and the longest possible wavelength with which an instrument will vibrate. d. TRUE - This is exactly the case and is clearly portrayed in the standing wave patterns which are constructed for air columns.

FALSE - For a guitar string, the standing wave pattern for the fundamental frequency is one in which there is one-half wavelength within the length of the string. (Of course, one could make a case that by modifying properties of the instrument, small adjustments could be made in the speed at which the waves might move and thus allow the instrument to produce about any frequency imaginable.). This phenomenon is known as a forced resonance vibration.

Examples: Sound waves, ocean waves, ripples in water, earthquakes, wave of people at a sporting event. Light and Sound Informational Texts No Textbook No Problem! • Comprehension questions probe lower, mid and higher order thinking. endobj 1����~:�O@LG���b���O�٢;&*h|����l��� k. FALSE - Two machines would produce twice the intensity; but when converted to the logarithmic scale of decibels, there decibel rating would differ by 3 dB. b. Identify all that apply. Which of the following statements are TRUE of the frequency of sound and the perception of pitch? That computes to 353 m/s. Over time, a given region undergoes oscillations in pressure from a high to a low pressure and finally back to a high pressure.

Frequency is inversely related to period.

d. FALSE - Sound is a mechanical wave which moves due to particle interaction.

Which of the following statements are TRUE of the harmonics and standing wave patterns in guitar strings? 1.

There are no particles in a vacuum. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? f. TRUE - This is the definition of elasticity. <>>>

a. Identify all that apply. FALSE - A loud shout will move at the same speed as a whisper since the speed of sound is independent of the characteristics of the sound wave and dependent upon the properties of the material through it is moving. f. TRUE - Closed-end air columns produce a first, third, fifth, seventh, etc.

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