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• HISTORY of the Simian Line

November 22, 2018 - republication (REVISED: December 11, 2018). • Simian line is 3x more common in Schizophrenia “In the original Hebrew of the book of Job (chapter xxxvii, ver.7), we find these significant words: “God caused signs or seals on the hands of all the sons of men, that the sons of men might know their works.”. I was very impressed at the accuracy of the reading, especially how well it married with my astrological birth chart. He gave me some pretty valuable suggestions, and I love the fact that I get to keep a recording of the session so that I can go back to it at any point in the future.

Martijn van Mensvoort | Contact | Privacy Policy, Hand Signs in Big Five personality dimensions, Hand Signs in Marfan Syndrome (hand test), 300+ Hand Reader Websites around the World, Hand Art, Hand Reflexology & Palm Therapy, BIG FIVE PROFILING: personality & Simian Line, syndromes, diseases & other medial problems, Big Five profiling: personality & Simian Line. Like to keep my mind active but can be lazy physically. - Special attention for 'disconnected simian lines': large impact!

I have simian line in my right hand but cut by fate line,but my left hand is different to my right hand, the life line and the head line connects while the heart line goes up connected by fate line..i am very optimistic,although i am sensitive to the people that surround me,i am focusing on things that i want in positive way,and sometimes i cant believe it really works.God is working no matter what,what matters … If I turn my back to someone, I never return to him/her. He knows a lot about the subject and has an amazingly engaging manner when explaining palmistry.

• Rainn Wilson (American actor, Emmy Award nominee). The intensity and obstinacy of the personality are not so hidden.

• FAMOUS PEOPLE with Simian Lines [80+ celebs]

It’s almost like they’re not acting but just being themselves. I only have few friends, and none of them is super close to me. They may also be anxious and often may be of a slightly nervous disposition. Self-cultivation through yoga, qi gong or meditation is another way to easy the Simian tension. I’m loyal and a good friend and mother. Great thoughts.

And subjects with a simian line in the right hand only appear inclined to have scores towards the combination of below average Cognitive Stability and below average Cognitive Flexibility (= low Alpha & Beta). All rights reserved. Not only would he spend hours of extra time in the dark room, he would be obsessed with the digital-technical process and photo editing ,and fill notebooks analysing his photos.

For this reason, although found on less than 1% of people, CEOs, bankers, politicians and people at the top of highly competitive industries have a disproportionate number Simian lines.

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