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Scarpa Here we've collected independent reviews from a range of walking and trekking magazines so that you can be more informed about the Scarpa gear that we sell. I remember even losing sight of the tent at one point event though it was only 10 feet in front of me. In strong winds and -40 C (-40 F) temperatures, there was no question that this jacket was perfectly It was basically survival gear. In strong winds and -40° C (-40° F) temperatures, there was no question that this jacket was perfectly suited to these conditions. The author testing the Khumbu expedition down parka on the top of Canada. The I.C.E. Read More... Not so long ago it was home to one of the most astounding fish populations in North America. It will put a grin on your face the moment you try it on. Related downloads: Scarpa Product Review - Cyclone GTX - Trail I wore it to the summit of Logan and it kept me warm. I already owned the company’s slightly lighter Frontpoint jacket, so I was happy to take this new one and give it a try. Based in Seattle, Feathered Friends has been making durable, high-quality down gear since the mid 1970s. © 2020 Ultralight Outdoor Gear. Before descending the mountain, there’s one more pass to ascend and as our tired group shuffled slowly towards it, clouds moved in and soon we found ourselves in a blinding windstorm at 18,000’ (5,500m). Hands quickly froze as we adjusted our boots for the descent. Thankfully, the 900+ goose down inside the Khumbu expedition down parka kept me warm, and it all stayed dry thanks to its waterproof/breathable Pertex outer fabric.

No cold spots. Montrail, Khumbu Crampon Review By the Everest GearGal The Khumbu Crampon designed by Montrail is part of their “Integrated Climbing Equipment” series. All Rights Reserved. All I needed was a storm or two to really put this jacket through its paces, and Mount Logan delivered. My older Frontpoint has a single zipper up the front, which is a weak spot when dealing with very cold wind. By continuing to use the website, you accept their use. With all our warmest clothes on, we fought our way to the pass. 手持ちのバックパックが手狭なので、より大きなバックパックを新調することにした。ここ最近メインで使っていたのは容量23リットルで、コンパクトで扱いやすいが、それ故にギチギチに詰める事態が発生することもしばしば。これでは長期の旅をするのは少し厳しい。, ただ巨大なバックパックを持ち歩くのも嫌なのが困ったところで、そこそこの容量がありつつも扱いやすいサイズで、バランスのよさそうな35リットルのバックパックを購入することにした。そして価格・デザイン・使い勝手などから選んだのがミレーのクンブ35だ。, 内部はジッパーで大きく開閉する1気室構造になっている。昔は内部を細かく区切るのが好みだったが、ショルダーバッグからバックパックまでざっくりとした1気室が好みで、これもこの製品を選んだ理由の1つだ。, 細かく仕切られていると便利そうに見えて自由度が低いし、大きなものを入れようと思うと苦労することも。何より仕切り自体が貴重な空間を使い重量も増えてしまう。それなら薄手のポーチなどに用途・種類別に小分けして詰めたほうが無駄がなく効率的というもの。, 内外にいくつかポケットも付いているが、こういう細かなポケットはあまり使わないので特にどうということはない。まあないよりはあったほうがいいかな程度。側面にあるポケットには標準でレインカバーが収納されていた。, ウエストベルトには左右に1箇所ずつポケットが付いていて、ここはスマホや小銭入れなど頻繁に使用する小物類を入れておくと便利に使える。, 価格は実売で1.7万ほどと特別安いわけではないが高いというほどでもない。もっと安い製品はいくらでもあるが安物買いのなんとやらになる予感しかしない。何度も買い換えるくらいなら最初からこのくらいの製品を選ぶのが無難というものだ。, この容量と造りであれば登山から長期の旅行までそつなくこなせる。それに機内に持ち込める割りとギリギリのサイズなのが旅用にはちょうど良い。.

Lake On The Line: What Is Happening With Fish Stocks In Kootenay Lake? My older Frontpoint jacket had elasticized hand-warmer pockets, but I prefer the zipper to keep driving snow out and gear in. It was basically survival gear. The collar is nice and high, and the hood is deep enough to cover most of your face when facing strong side-winds. Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine goes road-tripping in our backyard to discover the best trails and ales. The jacket is made in Seattle with traceable, ethically-sourced goose down. I wish I didn’t have to give it back! The jacket has two large interior mesh pockets for spare gloves, and velcro wrist straps for an adjustable, snug fit around your wrists to keep wind and snow out. 手持ちのバックパックが手狭なので、より大きなバックパックを新調することにした。ここ最近メインで使っていたのは容量23リットルで、コンパクトで扱いやすいが、それ故にギチギチに詰める事態が発生することもしばしば。 SCARPA uses its own and third-party cookies to improve your experience and our services, by analyzing how people use our website. series includes a patented combination consisting of gaiters, crampons and boots. The hood is integral to the jacket, and not detachable like it is on my Frontpoint. I was off to climb Mount Logan, the highest mountain in Canada at almost 6000 metres (19,685’). My Khumbu expedition down parka was on for most of that crossing. A double layer of Primaloft Gold in the collar of the Khumbu expedition down parka helps the high-moisture area around the neck stay warm. Contact Us Great Balls Of Fire: A Look At Famous BC Meteorites, New 5.10a Rock Climb In the Valhallas Is 10 Pitches Long, The New 100-Mile Diet: Adventure in the Time of Covid, Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero Gloves – The Deets, Made in Seattle, USA of imported materials, Made with traceable, ethically sourced goose down, Taslite reinforced elbow, lower sleeve and cuff, Double layer of Primaloft Gold, 200g/6 oz synthetic fill around the collar maintains insulating properties in high-condensation areas, High collar protects the face, even when the hood is down, Dual zipper system with insulated draft tube, Fixed hood with 2-way drawcord adjustment. 313 Innes Street, At times the gusts were so strong that we had to stop digging and just kneel down on all fours. Last May I was given a prototype of Feathered Friends’ new Khumbu expedition down parka. I preferred this feature, as I really had no need to remove the hood on this trip. The large internal pocket is great for storing gloves and the double zipper ensures you stay warm even in the coldest temperatures on earth.
The zippered hand-warming pockets and chest pocket are also well positioned. The wind-chill probably meant the temps were about -45° C (-49° F). The jacket was bombproof.

We spent a few hours outside in the maelstrom working to reinforce our tents and expand our snow walls. Compared to southern British Columbia where I live, I knew it could be very cold on Mount Logan, so this was a perfect testing environment. Ultralight Outdoor Gear Limited Registered office Unit 2 Tees Valley Court, Glenarm Road, Wynyard Business Park, Wynyard, TS22 5FE, United Kingdom, Scarpa Product Review - Cyclone GTX - Trail December 13, Scarpa Product Review - Marmolada Trek - Trail February 15, Scarpa Product Review - Marmolada Trek Boots - Trail May 16, Scarpa Product Review - Oxygen GTX - Trek & Mountain April 15, Scarpa Product Review - R-Evo Pro GTX Boots - Trek & Mountain June 16, Scarpa Product Review - R-Evo Pro GTX Boots - Trek & Mountain September 16, Scarpa Product Review - Rebel Lite GTX - Trail April 14, Scarpa Product Review - Rebel Lite GTX - Trek & Mountain May 14, Scarpa Product Review - Rebel Lite GTX - Trek & Mountain January 15, Scarpa Product Review - Ribelle Light OD Boot - Trail October 2018, Scarpa Product Review - Ribelle Light OD Boot - Trek & Mountain July/August 2018, Scarpa Product Review - Spark Alpine - TGO June 13, Scarpa Product Review - Zen Pro - Trail May 16, Scarpa Product Review - Zen Pro - Trek & Mountain April 16, Scarpa Product Review - Zen Pro Womens Shoes - The Great Outdoors May 16, Scarpa Product Review - Zodiac GTX Shoe - Country Walking July 2018, Scarpa Product Review - Zodiac GTX Shoe - Trail July 2018. The jacket was bombproof. Since 2014, however, the once mi Read More... Unsure if that blazing night light was a UFO? Giddy up. No chance of losing it or forgetting it!

The Khumbu’s dual zipper eliminates this potential cold spot. Fax: 250-352-5009, Copyright © 2020 Mountain Culture Group | Privacy Policy, Website Design and Development by Simon de la Salle, Slaycation! Make no mistake about it, this jacket is big. Please review SCARPA’s , On day three we were hit by a ferocious 24-hour storm that nearly flattened our tents. Exploring New Singletrack and Breweries From Kootenay Lake to Rossland.
This year has been an interesting one for many, including skier Cam Mclellan of Invermere, British Columbia, who writes about Read More... KMC Magazine Phone: 250-352-5024 Here we've collected independent reviews from a range of walking and trekking magazines so that you can be more informed about the Scarpa gear that we sell. イタリア語で靴を意味するスカルパ社は、1938年、イタリア北部のアゾロ村で靴専門の製造会社として誕生しました。創業以来、堅牢かつ機能的な登山靴をはじめ、高性能なクライミングシューズや山岳スキー用ブーツをラインナップ。 V1L 5E6 My Khumbu expedition down parka was on for most of that crossing. The Khumbu expedition down parka is a very well made, well thought out jacket that is perfect for big, cold mountains. You feel invincible. Nelson, BC

One of the nicest new features of this jacket is a dual zipper system and insulated draft tube.

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