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Personal Information How do you get inside the Control Facility? Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Tricks and Tips. All rights reserved. Kill it, fast travel to the Depths again, rinse and repeat. Never pass the next Main Quest that shows after Kirito Mode or else you must play once more starting from SBC Forgotten Forest. After Sinon killed the Minimi user and revealed her position to the party, Behemoth did not show any sign of confusion and calmly avoided Sinon's second shot, which was directed at him.

Kenichirou Matsuda[1] Trailer Park Supervisor Guitar Tab Notebook 6x9 120 Pages by Erik

Novel Here's where they drop: Thank you. best. Behemoth uses a heavy «GE M134 Minigun» as his weapon of choice. Currently I have not found any other way of managing to get Argo to give the option to take the info a second time on the same playthrough as it seems to be a one time thing.

Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. As the squadron split into two and attacked from the left and right, Behemoth aimed at the group attacking from the left and killed one of the squadron's member, but then he noticed that Sinon was ready to fire at them. If you have the required credits Argo will ask you if you want to buy the info she was talking about earlier. Behemoth (ベヒモス, Behimosu) is a high ranked mercenary player in the VRMMO, Gun Gale Online, who is usually hired as a bodyguard for player groups with money but no perseverance. My skills/equipment is shown at the end of the battle. Considering they are both Behemoth items that should give you a hint, Behemoth tread x3 and Behemoth Canon Alpha x5, it's from the boss tank from the third DLC. This quest is to acquire gather 3 ‘Behemoth Treads’ and 5 ‘Behemoth Cannon Alpha’. Part 1 Argo.

Bureaucrat, Content and Social Media Admin (Gsimenas), https://swordartonline.fandom.com/wiki/Behemoth?oldid=146681, Bold - David - Jake - Kenta - Lax - Summon, Dashin - Hidehide - Nagama - Nobu - Saika - Yasu, Benjamin - Casa - Frost - Koenig - Yamada - Let's Play Host, Batian - Boss - Costa - Lorosae - Panama - Rio, Aburi - Hagashi - Kosogi - Kubiri - Oroi - Shibori -. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. In order to complete Argos quest you need to make sure you … Behemoth (ベヒモス, Behimosu?) Media is the player's character in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. [Instruction] How to find people and play PvP multiplayer easily for SAO:FB, Mask of The Abyss Update Discussion Thread. #15 < > Showing 1-15 of 18 comments . ( Log Out /  «Gun Gale Online» Completing the quest awards you with the ‘Dreadnaught M’ crafting recipe and a final cutscene featuring  Lievre and a surprise guest. Behemoth first appeared wearing a camouflage cloak and coat, which hid his equipment from the view of other players, while massive goggles covered his face and hid his expression. 8.5k. Where i find the mats I need for finish this quest, which mobs i need to kill to drop me that items.

67. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. You May Also Like: Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - PvP Hunting Quests (Bounty Hunter; Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - Best Level Up Grinding Area (Level 40-60+) Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - How to Unlock FPS; Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - All Endings (Bad Ending and True+Happy Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - True Ending Guide, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - All Memories of X Items, New Treasure Box, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - PvP Hunting Quests (Bounty Hunter, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - Best Level Up Grinding Area (Level 40-60+), Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - How to Unlock FPS. Search for: Trailer Park Supervisor Guitar Tab Notebook 6x9 120 Pages .

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. After Sinon failed to snipe him, he aimed the Minigun at her, but was stopped by Dyne firing at him, giving Sinon time to escape. Behemoth was one of the players invited by Yui to help defeat An Incarnation of the Radius. Just download a Save game, if you want to skip everything. After Sinon's shot hits his goggles, it is revealed that he has grey eyes, blazing with light, as he formed another fearless smile, and that he has a rough face. Basically, you farm the boss in the Lost Gate Depths, Behemoth MT-04. This seems like the best source for good weapons since it drops a lot of the really nice ones. You can get this weapon (if you don't know where) at the Old South. 106. Members. Happen if you choose to save kureha in the final mission (Zeliska die). below is a list of drops that I have currently seen drop, I will update the list as more drop.

Voiced By For a refresher on where to find the chests you can click here. Virtual / Augmented Realities I got one but I can't put explosive damage or critical damage on it. Although she lost her leg to Behemoth's blast, Sinon was able to shoot Behemoth in the face directly from above, where he was unable to hit her, killing him instantly.
The quest name will change from Dead All to Fatal Bullet. Change ).
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Tricks and Tips. He is shown to be a calm and collected person, as shown by how he is not troubled or confused by the sudden death of his teammate and does not even take 3 seconds to locate Sinon. Using AOE skills or explosive weapons aimed at the floor near the bottom weak point allows you to do alot of damage and gives you a high chance to stagger the boss. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. ( Log Out /  This thread is archived. Afterwards, he removed his cloak, revealed his Minigun and formed a fierce smile, as he began firing Ginrou's attacking group of three, killing Ginrou in the process. But, before he was able to kill the sniper, she jumped out from the window. Anime Choosing to take the info will complete the first part of the quest.

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