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Others thought the problem could be ‘caused by the water treatment chemicals’. This seems like a fault in your particular example. I fixed one in this way, but achieved nothing with another.

Recently my kettle has broken and I decided to buy new one. Thanks Lauren – Some of us are would love to make more input than just post comments on a website. Thank you for this post! Kettles which stay on once the kettle’s boiled – wasting energy in the process – were your third most common bugbear. I’ve tried boiling bicarbonate of soda and leaving it overnight and using lemon juice. Save our food standards: why we still need action, Thousands are reporting the spread of cash refusal. Over the past five years I’ve been having a Kettle from the Argos cookworks range going wrong about once a year. The lid pops open while kettle is boiling,but worse,the lid has popped open as I’ve been pouring the boiling water into teapot etc,and I was almost badly scalded. Have you had problems with smart appliances.

James Watt – another Scottish inventor reputed to be inspired by a boiling kettle – could easily have been sidetracked if his kettle water had developed a strange taste instead of going on to improve the design of steam engines. Surely this could be tested across all their users? I’m wondering if there is an electrical insulating grease (silicon dielectric grease?) So to find out why, we sent the kettle back to the lab for chemical tests. thats why they saturate the market This is the second kettle I've had (1st one was bought on the 28/01/2011) and it's done exactly the same as the first - after a year (and a few months if you're lucky) the lid jams, this is because it's plastic. Life is about more than functionality. One said: ‘If I do not empty all the water out between uses and rinse it out, it tastes of plastic.’. My Breville one cup kettle only delivers half a cup and I am unable to find an address to complain to, This comment was removed at the request of the user. wavechange – thanks also, but my kettle has a different type of switch but the problem may well be the same.

I’m baking – what are your lockdown hobbies? and bought their best buy Kettle. Strange taste. If the amount of hot water dispensed is different from what is stated then it’s worth returning it to the retailer for replacement if it is a new product, or for repair/replacement under warranty.

Not removed by descaling. Our Kenwood kettle seems to be on its way out – the switch turns off soon after switch on and needs to be reset. The comments we received told us that smelly water isn’t limited to one model or brand of kettle. We’d also like you to do an experiment – please boil some water separately in a saucepan to see if it still has a funny taste.

Monday-Friday | 7:30a.m. Usually it just gives up the ghost, the electrics stop working (I think it’s the switch…) The last one was wrong as soon as I got – it dumped several tablespoons of water onto my table every time I poured out a cup. Are you managing to keep your hair in check? Sign up to receive emails from Russell Hobbs and be the first to hear about upcoming promotions & product launches! It apologised ‘to anyone who has had an unsatisfactory experience’ and said that this was an isolated incident. As this is almost always a fault that develops over time, we can’t always tell from testing alone which kettles are most likely to leak a year or two down the line. We’ll be looking into this further – keep an eye out for our findings. But by far the most common complaint we get is about kettles that leak. Yes – I realise that there is not a disk whizzing around in my TV, so it must be electronic. Those reviews give us a wealth of insight into what you do and don’t like about kettles, which we’ve then used to improve our lab testing.

After we told Which? to contact some subscribers or users of Which?

Besides Russell Hobbs, owners of kettles from brands including Phillips, Breville, Delonghi and Morphy Richards reported having the same problem. Leaks, loud noises, sticky lids – these are just a few of the problems you can run into with your kettle. It cost three times the one I have now and stopped working after one year.

Just out of warranty how about that? Our water is hard, but we rinse after use and descale regularly. Do you know if the water which is sold as safe to drink should be doing this?

If some people manage to invent TV and stereo, surely a bit of joint effort might get to the bottom of the dodgy kettle problem.

Sainsbury’s isn’t selling fireworks this year – is it the right call? Have chucked both kettles away, and now we use a stainless steel saucepan to boil our water in for tea. members.

Look at Which?

After only two years I suspect you have a rubbish quality kettle and think your decision to replace it with a different make is correct. Putting weights on the switch is a no no. We’ve had a Kenwood SJM270 stainless steel kettle for many years that has given good service, but don’t suppose you can get it now.

I cannot offer any suggestions but all the silicone grease I have seen has been colourless.

For the perfect cuppa, see our Best Buy tea bags. It would be easy for Which? ©2020 SPECTRUM BRANDS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. My Russel Hobbs kettle,bought in August 2015 has a very dangerous fault.

Blumlein was also have responsible for a lot of pioneering developments in stereo – or binaural as he called it. Do you need to order a part or get the status of your recent parts and accessories order?

Russel Hobbs kettle, and now a cheap Asda one. I’ll investigate…….But I might be providing evidence if and when I buy a replacement.

Our testing helps weed out models prone to these issues, but which kettle problems really get on your nerves? Re-boiling the water makes this worse as it concentrates the TCP. the ones with an attached cord are disappearing faster than your money. There doesn’t seem to be any point in having a repair or replacement of the identical model if the underlying fault has not been rectified so you should demand an alternative remedy to that. At £10 not worth fixing so off tomorrow to buy another one. Only try this if you know something about electrical work though. As regards the invention of TV, in the UK it was really Alan Blumlein, not John Logie Baird that invented the first really successful fully electronic TV systems. Personally, what I find most annoying is not being able to see how much water is in the kettle or the kettle having a high minimum fill level.

Kettles are an everyday product that many of us take for granted, yet they certainly inspire strong opinions among Which?

The lid pops open while kettle is boiling,but worse,the lid has popped open as I’ve been pouring the boiling water into teapot etc,and I was almost badly scalded. I used to have this problem when I moved to an area with very hard water, Yvonne. I’m a stickler for waste, so I only like to boil as much water as I need.

Central Time.

Let us know how you get on and share your experiences in our conversation about smelly kettle water.

Please try again later. reviews but they don’t mention bad tasting water. I had the same problem as Liz above. , As a Scot, I have been fascinated by the achievements of John Logie Baird, and I know what you are talking about.

Color: Black Verified Purchase.

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