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They are often called the Pugapoo, the Pugoodle, the Pugpoo, or the Pugadoodle. Pugapoos generally bark less, but can turn up to be barkers if they take too much after their poodle parents.

Later these dogs became popular and distinct in France, and they were bred in three different sizes. You’ll surely want one when you finish reading this post! Here They continued to be popular throughout the Victorian era and eventually were imported to America after the end of the Civil War.

Hence, careful training is required since they would be willing to please their masters. their traces and asking around in the Vet, in pet stores, and dog shows. It’s key that you know the issues Of course, every dog will be a bit different, but here’s a closer look at what we do know about their potential appearance, grooming needs, temperament, and health. Also, they are single-coated, which means they don’t shed a lot. Copyright © 2020 | All Rights Reserved | pugsclub.org | Happier and Healthier Pugs! Make sure you check their ears weekly, looking for signs of irritation and wiping them clean with a solution from a veterinarian. Some of these dogs may have a short, Pug like coat, while others have a curly coat. The Poodle Pug mix is loyal, bright, friendly, outgoing, and brilliant. dogs. © 2020 (101DogBreeds.com). a while, you should be closer to find one. These dogs are generally not used in working roles, although the Pug Poodle mix makes a great pet and companion dog. they may inherit (from both sides) to know what you’re getting into. Teach them tricks and train them to socialize well, but do use positive reinforcement techniques like food rewards and praises. not trying to convince you, it’s just that they’re great! everyone, including other pets and people.

Expect your Pugapoo to have an average lifespan of between 12 and 15 years as well. Give it a shower only when its coat is really dirty. Taking these dogs on a couple walks a day and adding some play time will be plenty of activity to keep them healthy and happy. They’ll also need brushed nearly daily to avoid tangles and mats. Reasons why you should Many Pug Poodle mixes also got the Pug’s large and bold eyes. When nails become long, they’ll need trimmed, although you may want to have this done by a professional. The Pugapoo can come in many different colors, although some of the most common colors include white, golden, black, gray, brown, and cream. Poodle mix is one of the most expensive Pug Mixes available. They come in different coat colors. The Pug Poodle mix is a cross breed that is the result of a breeding a Poodle and a Pug together. all a great part of the additions to Pugapoos! availability. The Pug Poodle mix isn’t overly active, but they do need some moderate mental and physical activity to use up their energy. Every breed has its downsides, but there is Poodles you have some amazing facts about them: Those are Poodle join forces to create one of the smartest Pug Mixes to ever be created. They have sturdy, muscular legs. If the parents are purebred dogs, the pugapoo would be a first generation pup, or else the latter in case of non-purebred parents. The Pugapoo is a cross between the two popular breeds – the pug and the poodle. Are You Looking For A Pug Mix? When China started trading with Europe during the late 1500s, Pugs were brought to Europe and they became popular among nobility and royal families across Europe as well.

other Pug Mix, there are some downsides that you must consider before getting a Pugapoo. are the second smartest breed right after the Border Collie. A pugapoo puppy can either be a first generation or a multi-generation cross. (slightly smaller), the miniature Poodle, and the Toy Poodle (the smallest). This breed does best in homes with older children who will treat them tenderly. Clip the hair to avoid tousles. These dogs were prized by China’s emperors, and they were pampered and well taken care of. Your email address will not be published. Looks like: Pug Poodle Mixture Female, 4 yrs old, eighteen pounds Genesis is a friendly little girl. The Pugapoo dogs are playful, friendly, and they are even great with children. for sale and for adoption can be rather challenging due to its low

We’re Some of the potential health concerns that may affect your Pug Poodle mix include: Categories: Dog Breed Mixes, Poodle Mixes, Pug Mixes, Your email address will not be published. Now, the truly unknown part of this mix is the Poodle. The Pug is a breed that is very old, tracing back to China where it is mentioned all the way back in 206 BC. The Pug Poodle mix is a cross breed that is the result of a breeding a Poodle and a Pug together. Pugapoos that take much after their pug parents might be prone to snorting and snoring. No wonder why This means they

Required fields are marked *. The Pug Poodle mix is considered a hybrid or designer dog, and these types of dogs are fairly recent creations. They are naturally playful and get along well with kids and other pets, but will never forget alarming their family members if they hear a strange noise or see a stranger around. exercise.

Pug Poodle Mix. This should also keep them healthy and sound both physically and mentally. Later the Poodle would come to England in the middle of the 19th century and later in the 19th century they would be imported to America. You can expect your Pug Poodle mix to be a very happy and enthusiastic dog, and they just love being around people. Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle Mix – The Bernedoodle, German Shepherd Poodle Mix – The Sheepadoodle, Golden Retriever Poodle Mix – The Goldendoodle, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier – The Poor Man’s Wolfhound, German Shepherd – The Deutscher Schaferhund, Golden Retriever – The Perfect Family Member, American Bulldog – The Strong Willed American, Yorkshire Terrier – The Broken-Hair Scotch Terrier, Basset Hound Beagle Mix – The Bagle Hound, Boston Beagle Terrier Mix – The Boglen Terrier, German Shepherd Beagle Mix – The Beagleman, German Shepherd Border Collie Mix – The Shollie, German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix – The Golden Shepherd, German Shepherd Husky Mix – The Gerberian Shepsky, Golden Retriever Chow Mix – The Golden Chow, Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel Mix – The Golden Cocker Retriever, Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix – The Golden Dox, Husky Golden Retriever Mix – The Goberian, Labrador Golden Retriever Mix – The Golden Labrador.

Even though we don’t know a lot about the origin and history of the Pugapoo, we can learn more about these dogs by taking a closer look at the history of both of the parents. are friendly and sociable, which means they can get along with just about It’s also possible for them to have a coat that falls somewhere in between the two. They are often called the Pugapoo, the Pugoodle, the Pugpoo, or the Pugadoodle.

But, by characteristics, pugapoo puppies from the same litter can look very different from each other.

The Pugapoo Pug or Poodle mix is an amazingly intelligent Pug mix that has been rising in popularity over the last couple of years. Pugapoos enjoy being in the house, never outdoors. Here are the top

The Pug and Reasons to avoid getting a These small to medium size dogs have round button-like eyes, triangular muzzle, hanging ears. The Pug Now, the truly unknown part of this mix is the Poodle. Its regular meals should comprise of regular high-quality foods that are meant for dogs of its size and the same level of energy.

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