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If you find more optional ones feel free to share them in the comments below. In the new location, jump to the lower level and approach the workbench shown in the picture. This scan point is definitely slightly bugged for some reason. Any idea?

It would be amazing if you could actually after each collectable mention something like: ”return to Zeffo Village and from there, go north”. Product: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Platform: Sony Playstation 4 Summarize your bug The horn item that should be scanned to update the databank with Wookiee Culture #2 wont prompt for scan and the entry doesn't appear in the databank How often does the bug occur?

You cannot jump back down from this point. Be careful, because this is the first time when you will meet Flametroopers. Watch Dogs Legion Oppression Defiance Challenges Guide (Red Icons), Watch Dogs Legion Finding Bagley Walkthrough (Photograph Locations), Watch Dogs Legion All Tech Point Locations. I have finished the story but haven’t scanned the AT-ST yet Use it - for now, you are done with Kashyyyk. It means a lot! 8 is just under the slave collar, it is the red barrels. Nightsisters 3 is in Collapsed Settlement on your way to Swamp of Sacrifice. Anything you need for trophies / achievements is complete here.

It wouldn’t let me scan it too, was driving me crazy!

Anyone know where one is. “Encrypted Log #13 – Archive Five – Astrium: 1. When you get to the area with the void and a stationary turbine below, jump on the turbine and turn around to find the corpse of a Wookiee and this Echo. Good game but the collectibles are a pain! Here’s two screenshots: imgur.com/xzVG0aV.jpg My issue is with Archive Five – Astrium Entry #1.

If you need, you can jump to the neighboring vines. Poisoned Wookiee.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order guide, walkthrough, Going through the first part of the jungle.

1 Jedi: Fallen Order 1.1 Chapter 1: Flora and Fauna 1.1.1 Databank: Kashyyyk, Chapter: Flora and Fauna, Entry 1. Can’t 100% Kashyyyk. Does anyone know where the Researcher scan 11 is? Are you able to do this after you finished the story? Is this part necessary dor Data Disk?

You’ve missed a chest then. Has anyone had issues scanning the Saava flower on top of the wall at the beginning of Shadowlands? *Spoiler* (Story-related; cannot be missed).

I’ll try to make one later, but it’s gonna be a while. The gate is closed but I can pull the cable through it but not attach it anywere. When you see the bird through the trunks after climbing up some vines, continue on until you see the bird nesting on your right. Not all opponents are on the roof from the very beginning of the battle. Exploration of the nearby cave is optional. Great, but HOW do I get there from the last collectable? but now i only need to grow a few seeds. Stranger 9 I think is in an area where you need to pull down a rafter to wall run on it, and there 2-3 brothers shooting at you. You can try to parry the monster's regular attacks, but it is safer to dodge to the side and attack after the spider misses.

I came back to Oggdos Lair faced two bounty hunters and finally scanned the last one! If you’ve collected everything, sometimes you just need to defog a specific area of the map by walking through unopened doors (indicated by green in the holomap).

This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Electronic Arts Inc. or Respawn Entertainment. Walk on the beam, climb up and attack new enemies. This will allow you to go over the abyss. Following this guide grant you 100% completion in all of the planet sub-areas, thus the related trophy.

I have all trophies except for that glitched one and, obviously, the platinum.

After returning to the landing pad, get on board the Stinger Mantis and leave the planet. Probably missing the Echo inside the fan at the end. ^_^. Was someone asking for an echo?

Only thing I want you to say – there are two types of echoes: ones that are scanable with droud and others , which Cal scans himself. It’s eating me up. You have to go all the way through the rest of the world, and hitch the bird back down to the bottom.

You can also use the in-game Customization and Databank menu ( /  ) to determine what you’re missing. One of the most noteworthy members of the species was Chewbacca, Han Solo's best friend and co-pilot, who played a vital role in the Galactic Civil War and afterwards. Not to mention the explainations like: ”in the area were…” Mind helping me? To continue the main mission, go to the right (the picture above). Immediately after getting the improvement, Cal will be attacked by the Wyyyschokk spider. Hi, does anyone know where to find or what it's called Imperial Occupation #5?

So frustrating…. This will make it much easier to deal with weakened or less numerous enemies/monsters. You can jump on them or quickly approach them when they run out of fuel and reload their flamethrowers. Return to the central part of the jungle and go back to the panel you saw earlier.

The climbing path is very linear. Thanks for the guide.

Here you can run along the wall. There is a terminal at the end of the corridor - the protagonist finds some Wookiee prisoners.

After winning the battle, find a new terminal to use BD-1's Overcharge.

I need archive one discovery number 2 I need. Inside Version 1.1. Try scanning the Wookiee Culture 2 item The droid is very slow and you can easily find an opportunity to damage it after dodging its attacks. There you will see a little “chair” for sightseeing.

It likely represents a planet but the artwork is too damaged tio make out any specifics.”. Wookiee Oppression. to the TOP after climbing the vines, there is some kind of chair. There is a meditation spot and ahead you fight three of the large Wyyyschokk spiders. That was well hidden. Climb back the ledge, turn right and use the red ledges and climbing grates to climb up to another ledge.

Zeffo culture 7, any idea where to locate? I’ve 100% completed the game, got the plat trophy, completed the entire databank and tactical database except for wookie culture 2. In the final part of this sequence, you will have to shoot the enemy aircraft. Great work!! Drop down into the ravine, kill the monsters, and scan the mural in red paint on the wall. bit.ly/2OA2p3O, The Researcher #13 – Faded Mural – “A faded mural located not fast from the Zeffo Vault. You now have access to a new meditation spot. There’s a hut with a strut coming out of it, from which hangs the rope you use to get to Chest #4, the one behind the fan in the workshop. Then you have to use the Force to stop the rotating mechanism and run on it too. Can you help me? If you’re still at 92% on broken wing with the turbine blade secret (mentioned in the guide) then you are missing the exploration on the exit. After that, you can start fighting the monster. It’s closer to the bird, literally under him. Will be a video guide for collectibles in youtube? After winning the fight, use the terminal to free the Wookiees. I think it’s in the underground ice caves section. Press the button to divert the opponents' attention (down on the d-pad) to eliminate them and take control of the AT-AT. Hang down and move to the left. Go to the immediate left hand side of the ledge to the right and BD-1 will find Wookie Culture 2 to scan.

An AT-ST will appear in your path, but it has no chance against an AT-AT. It should be the left one if you start from the jedi temple end…, I would very much appreciate if you could provide me with the location for Ilum Terrain #3 You can return to the previously visited location with the large elevator. Also if possible can you show me your map location of the holotape where I should scan him because I can find him on 3 possible locations and don’t know where to scan, You can do this after the Story, if you continue past the bird, jump up the green plants, re set at the rest point and go back down to the bird you should then be able to scan the encrypted log( feather ). Start with destroying another AT-AT.

The rebels learned what they believed was the location of the Wookiees, who had been enslaved by the Galactic Empire, and attempted to rescue the Wookiees aboard Transport 651, a Gozanti-class cruiser. Use Force Slow on the mechanism when the platform is placed in a straight line. Including in depth guidance on how to beat every boss as well as how to conquer all Tombs.

The scan prompt showed up immediately!

For The Creature Entry N°2, You have to Go in the Great Divide area ! Hope this helps you out. Use blasters (note - they overheat if you shoot them continuously) and cannons. Wait until it is in the place presented in the picture above, use the Force to slow it down and run along the newly created wall. the bridge).

Hope someone can give some guidance for that one! November 18, 2019 by FranciRoosters 123 Comments, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has 256 Collectible Locations needed for trophies & achievements, split into 5 different categories. This page of our guide to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has a detailed walkthrough of the visit on the planet Kashyyyk which takes place in the third chapter. Then you can scan…. You reach an inactive machine - scan it. Walkthrough for Imperial Refinery zone with Imperial Refinery Map on planet Kashyyyk in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order with location of Puzzles, Secrets, Chests, Databank Force Echoes, Stim Canisters, Encrypted Logs, Force Essence, Life Essence and Terrarium Seeds, Enemies and Legendary Beasts to Scan for Tactical Guide. I collected the secret for broken wing however it still says 0/1 Secret on my map under broken wing. Get to the end and BD-1 will scan The Researcher – 11. I was looking for this and found it by mistake? Once you kill them just to the left of the ramp there is a Wookie Horn BD-1 can scan. Hi guys, Anyone know what they are and where to find them? Interact with the terminal - this will trigger a boss fight with the Security Droid. However, Cal will also explore, complete puzzles and face various opponents, including the main and mini-bosses. Ryloth insurgency. standing in the middle of that area “should” prompt for a scan. Thanks, but that’s not Echo. Fauna 1 Kashyyyk is the Tach. The next sequence is scripted - the AT-AT gets destroyed. Thanks so much for your feedback! Again, better to have at least a text guide than nothing at all. And every location on map is explored.

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