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The following are stories and thoughts by the recreational users of nutmeg about their experiences and events while on the drug. I was at my friends house once and we tried nutmeg. The stuff isnt fun at all. Then it got crazy. This at the same time I was listening to music in the woods, too. I've tried this several times and only had the nutmeg work like once. She put some mayo on the bread, and sprinkled nutmeg all over it.

I was becoming actually really annoyed. What is a F@&#ING Sweeeeeeeetttttttt Trip?!?!?!?! I look down and I was mixing the nickels and the pennies and I kid you not I found that to be the funniest shit on Earth. Alright, so to start off, I was really excited about trying nutmeg because I heard you could trip and have wonderful experiences from it. All in all, I recommend nutmeg to anyone interested in it, but I urge you to carefully plan it out and experiment with it to figure out your dose. After that, at least a few every week...for many years...hmmmm, i still eat them, but sometimes not so often. you wanted to get high so bad that you snorted nutmeg? the regret alone made me cry for the first time since i was a little kid. N(utmeg)T(rip)S(tory)# NUTMEG SANDWICHES I don't know about all of this, but when i was 8 years old, my step mom gave me nutmeg sandwiches. You arent missing anything by not having the 'nutmeg experience'. There were a few more instances like these seemingly shared hallucinations. Then I looked to the fire and saw something crazy. Well anyway, we made a nice fire and got situated to watch the flames.

Yesterday i took 2 tablespoons of freshly ground nutmeg at about 5 O'clock.

***Nutmeg may cause liver damage if taken in excess*** Nutmeg can be smoked to acheive a mild high effect that doesnt last long and taste isnt all the greatest Nutmeg is extremely hard to swallow and high doses are needed to acheive a trip. 2) I don't get frustrated when I don't feel anything after 3 hours...it takes a while so I don't eat more. Then even weirder is how my gf and I had been zoning for what felt like an eternity and I talked to her and asked her what she was doing, and she snapped out of this trance and told me she had been listening to a song in the woods to her right.

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I didn't get dry-mouth, red eyes, diarrhea, headaches, or anything like typically written in trip … Also, the mayo makes the nutmeg go down nicely. I did this in treatment center 3yrs ago. When You says he used 1.5 tablespoons, does that mean filling 1.5 tablespoons with powder?

Please, if you're going to do this which you are, arm yourself with as much information as possible to keep yourself safe.

I've been eating nutmeg for the past 2 months or so now and I have had some wonderful experiences on it. Where are your relatives when you're getting high? Ground nutmeg trips often vary.

I felt one initial wave of the nutmeg just starting.

I've done it. 3) I don't do it if I plan on going to a huge party or rave where I will most likely not drink lots of water. OP, look into nutmeg essential oil on amazon just don't take too much. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

So, I resorted to ground nutmeg which is a risky decision I'm aware. Then all of a sudden, I thought I heard the song in the woods. Copyright: SIN Foundation 2003 - 2018, All rights reserved. I heard it takes around three hours before you feel anything, and it's usually a pot-like buzz at that time.

I have found grinding up one. nutmeg is something i would only recommend to my worst enemy. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. 8) You might read a lot about how people have horrible hangovers from this stuff. After the next hour had passed we were both being pounded by the intensity of the nutmeg. I woke up Sunday morning tired as FUCK. I noticed that while I sat there, I had a song running constantly in my head. was wondering if anyone has any experience with nutmeg and how would i prepare them to get the full effect of them and how much would i need??

Discussion in 'Ethnobotanicals' started by i can see the rainbow, Jul 18, 2009. N(utmeg)T(rip)S(tory)# NUTMEG SANDWICHES I don't know about all of this, but when i was 8 years old, my step mom gave me nutmeg sandwiches. The following are stories and thoughts by the recreational users of nutmeg about their experiences and events while on the drug. I listened to music and texted my friends until 1 AM., it was officially 1 day of being high. i felt like i had been poisoned and was on the verge of death.

I've been there, when there is NOTHING else to do. I had read all about it before, and about how it is known to be an unpleasant high, but i decided to experience for myself

Before trying it I urge anyone who is reading this to read all the other posts about this substance. My friends came through the drive thru and they knew instantly. what it felt like was similar to what you would feel like if you drank a liter of whiskey then skipped the fun part and went straight to the hangover. i am a cook and recently purchased whole nutmegs and ive heard you can trip or get high on them.

Don't act like it's shit unless you have done it.

I listened and sure enough, I heard 'Lord of the Rings' being played up in the treetops above me a distance away. A little bit dissapointed at this time. I will feel something and then it's gone. Keep it natural. And I was reading other user stories and they said to take about two to three teaspoons for your first time. Anyways, I ate it at precisely 4:00 PM. I'll start off by saying a few things about nutmeg. This story helps to demonstrate that doseage can vary from person to person. When I opened the window they all asked if I was baked, and I was. I couldn't believe this goddamn grocery item had me baked, and I laughed my ass off.

Then it happens again and again until it's just constant. I didn't think my girlfriend was going to feel much from the small dose, but she started telling me how she was feeling stoned. I continued to work, high as fuck, and refilled my change in my register. I feel that this is concerning too in no way should kids be using drugs. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. JavaScript is disabled.

9) I don't just think I am like everyone else (if I want to do it with a friend, I don't just give him the same amount I eat...he must find out what is right for him by gradually upping the amount).

I will admit...i thought differently than most of the other kids, and saw things differently.

Jesus. JavaScript is disabled. Then I realized I wasn't tired, I was high as fuck.

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