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A certified GVM upgrade can be achieved without increased ride height and reduced ride quality associated with high GVM weight ratings. While trying to decide what performance parts are right for your Nissan NP300, whether it be brake parts, spark plugs or a new suspension, you'll be inundated with a vast choice of performance upgrades at CARiD. GVM Upgrade - Foam Cell - Pre Registration Permanent Load 3500kg to suit Ford Ranger PXII 2015-7/2018 : FOR001BKFGVM: GVM Upgrade - Foam Cell - Pre Registration Temp Load 3330kg to suit Ford Ranger PXII 2015-7/2018: FOR001CKFGVM1. ), but there have been differential housings snapped in half which is a little unusual, along with lots of other strange failures. Anything you can do to keep the weight down is a good thing. 0000219979 00000 n

High-Torque Starters Ensure Your Engine Cranks... Rapid-Cool™ Universal Fit Reversible Fan Kit. Read more; MRR 3-Way Adjustable The Latest in Shock Absorber Technology.


This makes my Ford Model T sound like the newest Chevy truck, some would mistake it to be my 2021 Dodge(R) Ram(TM) (330 ft-lbs.

0000720324 00000 n Are you serious about what you pack into the back of your Navara?

0000007361 00000 n 0000956100 00000 n In short, every vehicle on the road has a maximum weight it can be, known as the GVM, or Gross Vehicle Mass. 0000220494 00000 n

You can get GVM upgrades that give you 500kg extra, and that’s a huge amount especially on a dual cab ute where you already have a lot of weight behind the rear axles. to stay up-to-date on our promotions, discounts, sales, special offers and more. If you don’t, its worth putting it on a weighbridge, and being prepared for a nasty shock.

The GVM is the maximum a vehicle can weigh when fully loaded.

What do you reckon? All rights reserved. • When fitted with a Pedders GVM+ kit the Nissan Navara 2015-On has a certified GVM rating of 3070Kgs. 0000044257 00000 n

0000292955 00000 n If you tow a heavy trailer, this is especially easy to do as the tow ball weight adds a lot onto the rear axle. 0000275720 00000 n • Support network of over 120 outlets Australia wide.

GVM Upgrades. 0000313722 00000 n

The weight adds up extremely fast, and a vehicle that is over weight has all sorts of nasty ramifications, including one of 32 ways to make your 4WD illegal.

4×4 wheels – The Winner of the Live the All 4 Adventure Dream! It is neither inferred nor implied that any item sold by CARiD.com is a product authorized by or in any way connected with any vehicle manufacturers displayed on this page. Read more; Coil & Leaf Springs Coil and Leaf Springs for most 4x4 and 4x2 vehicles.

In stock form, a lot of 4WD’s will take a beating. 0000891529 00000 n

When you`ve taken a stock engine and built it up into a more powerful mill, upgrading the starter is a final step that`s commonly overlooked. 0000320846 00000 n

h�bbbd`b``Ń3�.~0 ��e 0000004740 00000 n 0000366513 00000 n 0000293262 00000 n This is the maximum weight you can apply to each axle (front and rear), which together are usually just a bit over your GVM, to give you some wiggle room in how it is loaded. 0000516888 00000 n

0000370001 00000 n Read more; KING of the Strip Dobinsons Inaugural 4WD Drag Event. Do you know what your 4WD weighs?

0000443510 00000 n

Spark plugs are a key ingredient of gasoline engines when it comes to serving up a dish of solid power. 0000443549 00000 n These are fantastic, but one has to wonder how much is too much?

0000006590 00000 n If you have a large overhang on the rear (like a lot of dual cab utes) then the leverage applies even more on the rear axle. 0000113808 00000 n This Dodge Ram starts at 31,000 Dollars (USD. The new vehicle can now be registered with new increased G.V.M.

��3XE�^�r2m�f`?�g�N�)@wler`�a� 0000306918 00000 n Some GVM upgrades change more than suspension, but its not normally the case.

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The GVM Upgrade we have had installed doesn’t, and the sum of both OEM axle ratings added together is the new GVM upgrade. Find out more about our complete range today by clicking on the relevant link, or visit your local Pedders outlet. 0000318916 00000 n You see, every 4WD is designed to a certain level, and while many of the better quality units will go beyond their original design intention there comes a point where the likelyhood of failure is greatly increased. 4WD vehicles are designed for a certain job, and many will do it comfortably, and even beyond what they were designed for to a certain extent. 0000300247 00000 n 0000644893 00000 n You’ll be equipped for a smoother, more comfortable ride while also improving road handling, braking ability, noise and vibration. When Is It Time To Replace My Spark Plugs?

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Click pdf below to download the Pedders GVM Solutions Kit Flyer: Hilux GUN123 / GUN122R / GGN120R / TGN121R 2WD, Hilux GGN125R / GUN125R 4WD / GUN126R 4WD. 0000321252 00000 n 0000900923 00000 n 0000365829 00000 n GVM Upgrades.

• Ideal choice for towing caravans, horse floats, camper and general trailers who need that extra load carrying capacity. Structural Warranty on a selection of heavy duty alloy and steel wheels for selected vehicles when fitted with a GVM suspension upgrade kit. In many cases (ours included) this is just a set of new springs and shock absorbers, as part of a nationally recognised kit. The issue that will likely arise is that you’ve now modified the vehicle from its standard specifications, which may means that it falls outside the underwriting guidelines for a regular insurer.

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For vehicles that have already been road registered, the vehicle is to be inspected by an authorised Automotive Engineer in that state and be issued with a compliance certificate. Have the 4WD aftermarket engineering guys gone completely mad? This kit however is still rated at 4000kg. 0000317160 00000 n

If you are moving a lot of weight, a truck becomes the only sensible and safe option. Lovells GVM Upgrade suspension kits are fully track tested in conjunction with a Certified Automotive Engineering Signatory over many days to acheive maximum stability, braking performance, ADR conformity and operator comfort, before test data and documentation are forwarded to the Department of Infrastructure, transport, regional development and Local Government for full analysis.

0000291784 00000 n

Whether you’re tackling corrugated roads, rough terrain, or planning to tow a caravan across the country, you can’t go past TJM 4×4 Equipped XGS Series 4000 Suspension to improve every aspect of your drive. If you have to modify your normal 4WD so much in order to take what you want, perhaps you’ve started with the wrong vehicle from the beginning. endstream endobj 282 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[6 151]/Length 27/Size 157/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream

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The springs on your vehicle are an integral part of its suspension system.

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0000985688 00000 n 0000311603 00000 n

0000007669 00000 n GVM Upgrade Solutions FEDERAL O V T. APPROVED PED 3251G - Retail +160KGS PAYLOAD GVM Upgrade Solutions NISSAN NAVARA GVM+ UPGRADE SOLUTION FROM PEDDERS • Support network of over 120 Pedders outlets Australia wide.

ROH Wheels is pleased to confirm that through exhaustive and detailed testing we can extend our Lifetime Structural Warranty on a selection of heavy duty alloy and steel wheels for selected vehicles when fitted with a GVM suspension upgrade kit.

What does a GVM upgrade do to your towing capacity? 0000366100 00000 n You can’t keep piling the weight on and achieve the same reliability without extensive engineering changes. At the end of the day, when you upgrade one component, the stress is passed onto the next weakest one in line. 0000314450 00000 n Bent chassis are one, particularly on dual cab utes (Is your Dual cab likely to bend? 0000043959 00000 n 0000009222 00000 n

Repair vs Performance Parts | Throttle Bodies... Repair vs Performance Parts | Control Arms &... Repair vs Performance Parts | Springs & Shocks. 0000292415 00000 n

More specifically, they conduct electricity derived from the... Internal combustion engines are extremely complex and feature a wide array of components that rotate, pump, pressurize, or seal.

0000044442 00000 n


It puts more stress on everything, and makes you use more fuel. 0000003322 00000 n

0000312213 00000 n

0000290299 00000 n 0000306399 00000 n Is your 4WD suitable, or do you need a truck?. 0000297112 00000 n

0000289503 00000 n 0000715113 00000 n 0000479851 00000 n 0000295314 00000 n Your vehicle manufacturer not only gives out a GVM, but they give out an axle rating too.

How much weight in addition to the factory GVM is too much? 0000009408 00000 n

An interesting factor that often gets overlooked with GVM upgrades is the capacity of each axle. Pedders also has GVM upgrade kits for Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara D40, Nissan Navara GU Patrol, Nissan Navara D23-on, Toyota Landcruiser 76 Series 99-On, Toyota Landcruiser 78/79 Series 99-On, Toyota Landcruiser 200 series 09/2007, Toyota Hilux GUN123R/GUN122R/GGN120R/TGN121R 2WD, Toyota Hilux GGN25R/KUN26R 4WD, Toyota Hilux Series GGN125R/GUN125R/GUN126R 4WD, Toyota HiAce LWB, Toyota HiAce SLWB, Mitsubishi Triton, Holden Colorado, Holden Colorado RG2, VW Amarok and Mazda BT50 models. 0000554011 00000 n The GVM Upgrade we have had installed doesn’t, and the sum of both OEM axle ratings added together is the new GVM upgrade. 0000004602 00000 n Obviously there’s a market for them, but perhaps things will start to reign in now that everyone is becoming aware of what is legal and what isn’t! 0000346201 00000 n

Original Equipment suspension is designed for comfort above all other considerations, thus load carrying and performance can be compromised. Driving style plays a huge role in ensuring your vehicle lasts, and even more so if you have a heavy 4WD. 0000553190 00000 n 0000930867 00000 n The Nissan Navara NP300 is a medium sized utility vehicle suited to both commercial and recreational uses. 0000293559 00000 n Weights have become a major topic in the 4WD, Caravanning and Camping world today, and for good reason. 0000003655 00000 n ... Nissan Navara NP300 2910KG 3020KG 3070KG.

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0000006037 00000 n For the purposes of this section though, if you increase your GVM usually your towing capacity has to reduce in order to maintain the original GCM. 0000314061 00000 n GVM Upgrade Solutions for Nissan Navara NP300 D23 15-ON. Enter the world of GVM upgrades; a common modification for all different types of 4WD vehicles. Engineering is done to a certain level, and you need to think about this when modifying your 4WD. �`q`�`�g�ې�pSA4�'�[���a5�[�y >���9;��,j�����`����,�L�����H310p�!-�uX��a@� 5�Tv

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