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While it’s only August, keep this handy as a point of reference. The 2019 NBA Draft is still months away, but it's never too early to pull back the veil on some of the details. Now we get into the range where it makes sense to shoot for the moon.
In other words, many teams have quite a bit at stake this season when it comes to draft capital. if it doesn’t convey, it’s top-10 protected again next season, and will turn into two second-rounders after that. The SI Golf Fantasy team of Ben Heisler, Alex White, and Mark Farris run through their favorite DFS tiers for this week’s Vivint Houston Open at Memorial Park, as well as their top fade of the slate. Both veterans play on depleted rosters this season and have a chance to become the go-to guys on their respective teams, the Chicago Bulls and the Atlanta Hawks. u/mickeyboicky.

10 or later.

Both power forward and center start to lack appeal here, with aging options like Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge and Serge Ibaka at power forward and flawed players like DeAndre Jordan at center, who come with a serious weakness (in his case, free throw shooting). All you have to do is break down each position down into tiers, giving you a clear visual of how every positions stacks up against the others. They could end up losing a lot of games anyway, or they could toe the line and make things interesting on lottery night. The Celtics are also set to receive the Grizzlies’ first-round pick, unless it falls within the top eight after Memphis for some reason decided to trade real stuff for Jeff Green back in 2015. Get this: Memphis got this pick (and Lance Stephenson) from the Clippers during the 2016 season by trading them… Jeff Green, who continues to fundamentally shape the framework of the NBA, somehow. Last, but not least: remember 2019 is the inaugural year for the NBA’s reformed draft lottery rules which are designed to better randomize the spreading of the wealth. Knowing which positions are the deepest and shallowest goes a long way on draft day. This means more randomness, and could add some weight to the ping-pong ball process given how many draft picks could end up being determined through the lottery. This is the fallout from the 2017 trade that brought in Kyle Korver to reinforce the Cavs’ rotation around LeBron James.

Marquese Chriss is coming off a highlight-filled rookie season and could make the next step on that young Phoenix Suns team. He'll be asked to lead the Nets in scoring along with Jeremy Lin. If the Clippers keep the pick, it would be lottery-protected again in 2020, and then become a future second-rounder. Small forward leads the way with the most top-level depth. Boston could also have a fourth first-round pick, provided the Clippers’ selection doesn’t land in the lottery. That trade seems likely to stand as an inflection point for the pathways of both middling franchises.

Here is a look at each of the draft tiers, position by position.
If the pick doesn’t convey, it’s top-five protected again next season, top-three in 2021 and 2022, and unprotected in 2023. Two other players who stand out in this tier? Draft Challenge. Side note: that upcoming swap is the fallout from a 2015 trade that stands as inarguably one of the dumbest NBA deals ever.

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