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We really are torn! (Polish) I love it with Anastasia, Anastasia Lucy. Except for one of the staff. Any other suggestions? Baby Names Hub identifies trends by analyzing vast amounts of data made available by the U.S. government and other public sources. It's sweet and has a lovely meaning, but there's something flimsy and childish about it that I can't seem to overcome. I don't think it would be a problem tbh. Yes she's my favourite character in the whole series!!!!!!!! Lucy is a modern name that’s become fairly popular in the recent years, landing itself in the top 30 baby names 2015. We've known quite a few, though they're all different ages; there's never been any confusion. I don't think it's decreased that much in popularity either, I can think of about 6, just from dc's schools/out and about.
It definitely has that cutesy babyish aspect like Emma does but I don't like the name Emma. It's so beautiful and simple, and it gets so many compliments. I like this name as a middle name. I think it is a classic name.

The same report states that Hernández, a Spanish surname which gained popularity around the 15th century, is the most popular last name, accounting for more than 3.4 million Mexicans. Lucy has also been the named of the heroine in some novels. I know a few Lucys under 5. Lucyna Lately it's been a bit trendy, which isn't great, but still the name is wonderful.

Cindie, South Korea. I'm a Lucy and I love my name if that helps. Lucy is actually another version of the name Lucia, which was a popular name for women during the Middle Ages. Submissions subject to our Terms of Use. Not to mention, Lucy was also used as the name in part of a popular Beatles song called, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. My daughter is Lucy Alice, by the way! Lucy is also a saint’s name as well as it has been a name used on major TV shows like ‘I love Lucy’. It's a beautiful, sweet classic, and I like it as it is, not short for Lucinda or Lucille. Lucy is the name given to one of the oldest fossils known to man.

I have one She isn't known as Lucy as there is another Lucy in her year so she is Lucy . I have a Lucia who we call Lucy. Plus, all I seem to hear is LOOSE-ee :(. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. Lucetta, Good luck, I have a Lucie - none others (of either spelling) of her age i know (KS1) although i have a friend with a 1 yr old Lucy.I still love it. Lu, It has quickly risen up to the top name for a future girl on my list. One of our near neighbours has a 9 year old Lucy, so she's not the only Lucy in the street.
Luciana, In short, the meaning of the name Lucy is light. Our Lucy has a twin brother named Max. You will receive an email (no more than once per day) summarizing any new mentions of Lucy on Nameberry. I really appreciate the honesty in your comment though. Most have the Lucy spelling, we know one Lucie and one Lucia as well. Other names that mean light and also sound very similar include Luciana, Lucia and Lucinda. (Spanish)


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