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Revamped Jool, giving it a new animated shader and high resolution textures. Fix stage UI dV display fluctuating up and down whilst burning engines. Increasing mass doesn't directly increase L/D, it increases the speed at which it will occur. For a a spaceplane, a wing setting of 0.4 or so should generally be sufficient, for a subsonic stunt/sport craft doing acrobatics at low altitude, a higher wing strength is recommended, something like .6 or so for a light weight craft. Added EVA button to the crew transfer dialog. Fix NRE flood when creating or selecting a maneuver node with the Maneuver Mode UI Intercept tab open. As a result, building an aircraft is now a bit more complex than in the rather more forgiving stock aero model, as planes must now be built to take into account various real-world aerodynamic design considerations. Too much control authority for your elevators and you risk pitching the craft's AoA too far from prograde, resulting in at best higher drag, or worse, throwing the aircraft into a stall. Fixed a bug that stopped the player from progressing in the Basic Science Tutorial. Only show DLC craft. It wont pitch up very fast, but it is still a motion that will have to be actively corrected through trimming the elevators or applying active inputs to them every so often. Now we have them in white, black and white, orange, silver and gold. Fix Exception storm when inflatable heat shield destroyed by overheat in some situations. Fix camera out of frustum error when reloading flight scene in some scenarios. First off, I''d like to thank tetryds, both for advice and corrections he provided in the course of writing this tutorial, as well as the awesome BAD-T tournament he is running that led me to write this tutorial in the first place, that it might be of some use to those who want to enter but might not be familiar with FAR . This can be set from 200 to -200; useful for things like wing slats or having a plane that could automatically pull out of a dive, that sort of thing.

Control surfaces need to be added, and the plane balanced – as seen the CoL is slightly ahead of the CoM; this plane will want to pitch up, potentially leading to a stall and possibly crash. The first set of numbers at the top are technical data about the craft. Limit crew capacity . Laythe planet textures revamp.

If the CoM shifts too much as fuel is used up, it may result in the plane becoming unstable.

Fix Command parts displaying unlocalized text for Cutaway. The last is speed, in mach, for the same reason; higher mach results in different aerodynamic considerations and fun engineering challenges like dealing with the trans-sonic region supersonic drag, which won't be covered here. Fix bug causing difficulty settings to revert when reverting flight. Fix resources not being displayed in tracking station in Prospecting Eeloo Scenario. Performance and Memory improvements for ModuleJettison in VAB/SPH. Revamped R-12 'Doughnut' External Tank and added silver variant. Usage. Fix Z-100 battery light showing white in toolbar and tooltip icons sometimes. Pitch %, Yaw %, and Roll % are pretty explanatory, these control that respective input. Performance and memory improvements for undo and redo in VAB/SPH by caching stage manager icons. the more aggressive this movement, the higher the G force the airframe is subjected to, the more G's, the stronger the wings will need to be. This number tells how much a craft will pitch up in neutral flight. You can also see how the craft will fly when flaps and/or spoilers on the craft are deployed. ( Log Out /  Fix 'Cannot deploy while stowed.' The lower the number, the less deflection, and the slower the pitch/roll/yaw effect propagates in flight. As a bonus, the main wings are now on the CoM, which will help with performance, as the main wing is the point the craft will want to pitch up or down; the closer the CoM is to this axis, the less leverage needed to affect pitch. Clicking on the Std. The Mw number is found on the derivatives tab because it is a derivative. Designed to be placed anywhere in a large-diameter stack, the RC-L01 Remote Guidance Unit provides full command module functionality. Only subassemblies. The red line is drag. Add additional drag cube information to Debug Aero info in PAWs. Fix visual artefacts of atmosphere planets in map view at high timewarp rates. Pinned PAW stays open in the editor on click events and on part selection.

The slider goes from 0.05, for a wing that is basically made out of paper mache and prayers to 4.0 for a wing made out of adamantium.
Low, medium and high quality terrain shaders. Lets add some: The craft now has a pair of ailerons, a pair of elevators, and a rudder. Improve performance of splash FX in water by using combination aof close splashes and limiting how many occur in close proximity. Select it from the celestial bodies menu. Mass strength adjusts both the mass and the strength of a wing. Fix broken off solar panels, fairings and shroud parts left on the surface causing vessels to remain in landed state after they take off. You can post now and register later. Fixes translation error in FTE-1 part in Japanese. The numbers at the bottom adjust the parameters to be tested. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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