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Note that the carotid sinus is located a forward from the side of the neck, ahead of the neck’s sternomastoid muscle (imagine about half the distance between the muscles on the side of the neck, and Adam’s Apple on the front of the neck). Position the person on his or her back, and raise the legs above hear level. A sudden blow to the carotid artery on the side of the neck can cause a knockout, or even death due to a sudden drop in blood pressure in the brain. A blow to the solar plexus is very painful, and a hard blow can even damage the nerves.

That, in turn, leads to a sudden drop in blood pressure, as the body attempts to rectify the “high blood pressure”. They may hit the back of their head, their spine — who knows. Applying pressure to this artery cuts off the supply and makes the person unconcious. The anatomy of a knockout punch is a baffling, and incredibly quick series of actions and decisions made by a fighter's mind and body. You will then lift the knee forward targeting the jaw or chin, while keeping the shin and foot hanging freely or pulled towards the hip. The prone position results in resumption of blood supply to the brain, and there is usually no long term damage. Martial Arts and Self Defense for Adults & Teenagers | San Diego - Carmel Valley. First, it is bad for one’s brain to be deprived of oxygen (that’s how the carotid sinus slap works). This runs up the front side of the neck and pressure is normally applied with some form of “choke hold” (you don’t actually compress the airway and choke someone out) :

Here is the result on a Thai pad: And here is a result in real life — a strike to the carotid sinus, which causes immediate loss of consciousness, and a lingering effect that ends the fight right there: (Please don’t try this at home — the partner in the video could have easily hit his head on a piece of furniture while collapsing, sustaining serious injuries.). Doctors will label it a concussion; however, for everyone else a knockout punch is a hard punch that renders your opponent unable to continue fighting. Punch in the Jaw. Turtle Press is a leading producer of books and videos for martial arts students and instructors as well as law enforcement personnel and those interested in self-defense and personal protection. The carotid slap / strike is a great self defense technique, which is very useful in self-defense and close range situations. To form a strong knifehand, press your fingers tightly together and focus the force in your fingers to the degree that your palm side arches slightly forward. Second, when one faints, there is no telling what they will hit as they go down. Excellent explanation of the carotid sinus strike! There are two ways you can accomplish this: An uppercut is a short swinging linear blow with your arm slightly bent, and directed upward towards the chin. We also offer popular instructional video content as mobile apps and feature some of our legacy video titles on our, 5 Mistakes You Should Never Make in a Fight, Deliver a shock to the brain (example: strike the jaw or temple), Choke off the blood flow to the brain (example: constrict the carotid artery), Restrict breathing, limiting oxygen to the brain (example: constrict the windpipe). Best of luck.

When executed correctly, the so-called “Okinawan slap“, “carotid strike” or “carotid slap” will cause the assailant  a sudden loss of oxygen to the brain, followed by the fainting and collapse. on Facebook The Okinawan slap is a very powerful technique. Assuming the person has not sustained any injuries in the associated fall: A sideswipe blow is to strike with a sweeping circular stroke, or a glancing blow along the side of the jaw or chin that causes your opponent's head to snap to the side resulting in unconsciousness. This will temporarily immobilize your opponent and render them vulnerable to more strikes.

Remember to stay calm, and breathe while focussing in on your opponent's jaw or the middle of the chin.There is a nerve you will want to hit by striking the jaw and damaging the nerve. The carotid artery is the main supply of blood to the brain. This creates a damaging sequence of events: his head (and upper body) moving toward you, your fist striking his jaw, and his head rotating away from you. There are 3 fundamental ways of knocking out an opponent: However, there are also lesser known methods of bringing about unconscious or disorientation, including striking the vulnerable plexus areas on the trunk of the body.

This causes a dilation of blood vessels which, in turn, causes a drop in blood pressure. 1. If done correctly, and with enough force, you will knock your opponent out. The 5 knockout techniques described in this article target vital points on the body, including the sternum, back, jaw, carotid artery and brachial plexus. You can make someone faint with one touch. I want to try a FREE martial arts class.

Even a moderately hard elbow strike can cause dizziness and unconsciousness. There are 3 fundamental ways of knocking out an opponent: Deliver a shock to the brain (example: strike the jaw or temple) Choke off the blood flow to the brain (example: constrict the carotid artery) Restrict breathing, limiting oxygen to the brain (example: constrict the windpipe) The easiest way to do this is to press hard on the carotid arteries in your neck.

The idea is to strike a pressure point, or rather in nerve in that area. A sudden powerful strike to this area can cause excruciating pain in the chest and damage the heart. Special for Torrey Pines High School Students and Families. Thank you for all the great material about karate. When you are ready to deliver the punch, in one swift motion bring your right arm to your side while twisting at your waist. Keep training and practicing! The temples are located along the sides of the forehead, behind the eyes, and they are the weakest point of the skull. Visit the books page to browse our complete book catalog, with links to purchase our titles for Kindle (Amazon.com), iPad (Apple store), Nook (BN.com) and Android (Google Play) readers, as well as in softcover and hardcover print editions. The solar plexus also serves the diaphragm, and a punch in the stomach causes the diaphragm to spasm, which knocks the wind out of you making it difficult to breathe, making it one of the ways for how to knock someone out. Martial Arts Training Tips, How-to Videos and Articles, Adapted from Vital Point Strikes by Sang H. Kim. The effect is insufficient blood supply to the brain, which triggers the fainting. (The damage that can result from targeting these areas can be significant - use caution and control when practicing on a partner and only use the techniques discussed here when warranted in a self-defense situation.). 3. Strike with the bottom of the hand bone, near the wrist. Loosen belts, collars, and other restrictive clothing. It could cause internal haemorrhaging in the brain that may not be immediately noticed, and eventually lead to coma and death. Do not rush to stand the person up! Wonderful article on self-defense! This area is crowded with cardiac nerves that stimulate and inhibit cardiac function and are connected with the pulmonary plexus. The anatomical reason for fainting in the Carotid Slap is that the bario-receptors in the carotid artery get confused into thinking the blood pressure is too high. Awesome blog. Carotid arteries also require a touch to elicit its desired effect. This self-defense technique aims to strike the carotid sinus, which is located on either side of the assailant’s neck, slightly behind the jaw. Do you think that the carotid slap can be used by a small woman, in self defense against a large man? The blow to the head rattles the brain, and jostles back and forth against the front, back, or sides of the skull causing unconsciousness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kau70Y-TAy8. Yes — most certainly! Punching Bag and Makiwara Practice – What’s Better?

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