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Dither fish are basically fast swimming schooling fish that can distract cichlids from being aggressive towards each other. Fish like the Flowerhorn, jaguar cichlid, dovii, etc. Voracious predator, in its original biotope it hunts for small fish, aquatic invertebrates and insects.

This includes fish of the same species. Thank you for the super information!

Bacteria? [3], The purpose of Wikipedia is to present facts, not to train. Also, when there is a bully in the tank or a tank boss, the more fish you have in the tank, the more the aggression is dispersed among tank mates. For an example, Auratus cichlid males will be extremely vicious towards other males and other African cichlids that have horizontal stripes like them.
They can get aggressive during mating time.

There is a high probability that when buying fish from the same source, fish will be from the same parents (siblings). Thanks for the much needed information. The aggression is pretty light so its kinda fun to watch. Thank you for your information it has been very helpful as I have flower horns and parrot fish together but nothing in the tank just sand but have another tank I’d like mixed with lots of bog wood the tank is 4ft ive taken in ur info well.thank you.

This large size coupled with their ultra aggressive temperament make the Wolf Cichlid one of if not the most aggressive Cichlid available within the hobby. Some cichlids have been known to kill every single fish in the tank to protect their young (although that is rare). Lots of room to … This can cause stress though, so it should only be done occasionally. (Above, my Jewel Cichlid with a juvenile Angelfish). Obviously you have lots of experience with cichlids and appreciate their behaviors, or is that antics. The pair will begin to clean a flat surface if the female is responsive of the male's previous courting behavior. As long as water conditions are maintained at a desirable high quality, a breeding pair of such fish will readily spawn. The fry will begin to swim in approximately 7 days and should be fed with baby brine shrimp or alike. Its kind of funny. Clear a easy to read. That seems to calm them down when they are being aggressive with Whitey. Dovii Cichlids are borderline hyper-aggressive in temperament and have the size and attitude to back up their aggression.

If you do enough research and know what each fish requires to thrive, you will have much less trouble dealing with aggression and keeping your fish. I’ve had many angels over the years, and never have I run into this problem. The 2 that have been in there together for yrs probably think it’s their domain and don’t want the new fish in with them.

For roommates, choose a selection of the most aggressive cichlids (Vieja, other Parachromis, Petenia, Amphilophus, etc...). Fish that look like them are seen as either a mate, a threat, or their competition. If the eggs turn white, they have died and become moldy. [2] Cichlid pellets are an ideal daily food. It must be avoided that it gets hurt during this activity. Breeding fish in this manner may form offspring with genetic disease usually associated with interbreeding.

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