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Here is a pictorial clue to the answer. There is one odd multiplier less than 26 that causes a greater problem still—it's 13. The paper was matched to a very rare copy of Omar Khayyam’s ‘The Rubaiyat’ that was found in the backseat of an unlocked vehicle and on the back of the book was scrawled five lines of capital letters    that seem to be a code. However, you will learn new methods that can defeat them, and some of those are mathematical. Jenny tells it this way. Recall that in mod 26 the inverse of 5 is 21. Each letter is represented by a row letter (A-E) and a column number (1-5). During the war, a German bomb hit a cellar in East London, the explosion of which dislodged a collection of old, wooden boxes containing numerous pages of apparently handmade paper upon which were written carefully and clearly penned letters, strange geometric diagrams and illustrations which have come to be known as “The Blitz Cipher.” None of any of it makes any sense, and the alphabet used is unrecognizable as being from any known language, leading to all sorts of speculation as to their meanings and origins. Ward called The Beale Papers, which presented the strange codes and proclaimed that vast riches awaited whoever was able to actually solve them. We must search the products.
It still doesn’t make much sense but it’s a start. The order of operations insists that we multiply first.
To this day the fourth part of Kryptos and the wider mystery the other three parts seem to hint at have remained unsolved and have stumped all who have attempted to delve into them. Agent Smith, you will speed up your affine deciphering work if you start a table that contains the inverses of the odd multipliers, except for 13. Perhaps we’ll never know. Agent Smith, in this lesson you will see a stronger connection between math and codes. However, the population schedules from the 1810 U.S. Census are completely missing for seven states, one territory, the District of Columbia, and 18 of the counties of Virginia. By the end of this lesson, you should be able to encrypt and decrypt using a safe, well-defined affine cipher. From 1820, he was also living in Richmond, Virginia at the time of Beale's alleged encounters with Morriss. Smith, you should try the two encipherments below, and enter one example with the details in your log. After that section, there is a final page that mentions some weaknesses in affine ciphers. Agent Smith, you've been doing well with all of this modular arithmetic. Read and use only confirmed and legal tutorials. The work in question, called Kryptos, is a monument erected in front of the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, in 1990. For more than a hundred years, people have been arrested for trespassing and unauthorized digging; some of them in groups as in the case of people from Pennsylvania in the 1990s. You will see also that some care has to be taken in their use. Beale then allegedly dropped off a tiny locked box at a local inn and then went off to disappear off the face of the earth. Cryptic Codes: 11 Legendary Still-Uncracked Mystery Ciphers. In Lesson 4, we saw that you reduce negative numbers by adding 26s. Click your profile to change your picture, look at your statistics and use stuff like Shovel - bury Gold, wait the needed time, and stake your claim of newly converted PHM. In regular arithmetic, you may have seen this example: Numbers called reciprocals undo multiplications by using multiplication, not division. Will other odd numbers cause the same problem?

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