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Head to the Sealed Threshold Corridor and make your way to the room on the far east side. Once you’ve defeated Former again make your way back to Langston and turn in the quest. Just proceed through the Medical Wing to the moldy area. Head to the Sealed Threshold Corridor and make your way to the room on the far east side. This one is exceptionally easy. Pick a location and grab the Moving Letter. In this area you will find a Flamingo. Inside is a room filled with pipes. The Moving Letter jumps in a pattern of four and six. At the head of the twisted hallway is a ring of light. The real one is hidden in with the fakes. The items’ locations aren’t always obvious, either. The Mannequin is at the very far end, in a nook in the wall. Flamingo. How do I get into the sealed threshold hall? How do I get into the sealed threshold hall? The second letter can be found in the office above the first letter (use levitate to reach). Approach the Flamingo and it will trigger a sequence where the hallway stretches. Shoot it down then cleanse it. Push forward like this until you reach the Traffic Light. It flashes between red, yellow, and green, just like a real traffic light.

Touching it will take you to an alternate version of the hallway — this time filled with mannequins. Make your way to the Traffic Light and cleanse it. Any ideas? Here’s the trick; the letter always jumps seven times, then two, then seven, then two, and so on. Updated September 20, 2019. Threshold Kids Proposal On a bunk in the Shelter close to the Ritual Division Control Point. Follow our Langston’s Runaways guide to find all of these items. Your email address will not be published.

I used the Charge mode of the Service Weapon without issue. The lantern has wrapped itself in a barrier made of the clocks themselves. Inside the hall make your way to the Shelter along the south wall. Fast travel to the Sealed Threshold Entrance then run up the staircase of clocks until you reach the Sealed Threshold Hall, full of clocks and also some more enemies. You will gain access to this area after completing A Matter of Time. You still needing peaches and pears. You will receive 3 ability points, some materials, and a mod. Follow it to the long, warped hallway. Approach the Flamingo and it will trigger a sequence where the hallway stretches. Here are the letter locations and how to snag them! Simple clear the items by any means and cleanse the item.

You have to have completed the game up until the Black... No yellow suitcase in bathtub when filled up? That’s it for this one! It appears you can float over the melee attacks to avoid them altogether. We have cherries and oranges and we need peaches. Look for the Hand Chair in the moldy shower room just before the staircase to Security.

It jumps between the furniture on the top floor of Dead Letters — in the open air office section directly above the control point. In the room with all the clocks you will find the Japanese Paper Lantern buried underneath them. After you’ve defeated Anchor make your way over to the Anchor that appears. The boss fight with Anchor is fairly straightforward. Posted by 1 year ago. The Rubber Duck is on a white slab in this area, but it will disappear once you touch it. Done! To defeat this enemy you want to throw objects at it when its mouth is open to shoot clocks out. We have cherries and oranges and we need peaches. You still needing peaches and pears. You’ll find the Japanese Paper Lantern inside the Sealed Threshold Hall: the room overflowing with clocks. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t fall into the holes the creature pokes into the ground (marked by pillars of white light pouring up from below you). And few of the side quests feature more Altered Items than “Langston’s Runaways.” This mission has you traipsing all throughout the Oldest House and completing minor puzzles to collect the aforementioned objects.

The idea is to predict the letter’s pattern and stand where it is about to be, then hold the interaction button to lock it in place. First, though, we need to reach floor four of the Panopticon — the same place where you bound the Benicoff TV to yourself at the start of the level. You need to close in fast with a dodge and snag the sucker before it can react. Just fast travel to the Transit Corridor control point.

Starting the site back in 2016, Eli has poured blood, sweat and tears into making HtR a premiere spot for neckbeards and nerds alike. Question. Just float up to the second floor of Dead Letters, and enter the indoor office section. Otherwise, because of the constantly shifting nature of this letter, you can just stand at any cabinet and wait. Fast travel to Ritual Division, turn around, and enter the yellow lit archway to reach Protective Studies. Then move two cabinets to the left of where it just landed.

This is one of the easiest Altered Items to find in the game. Return to the Safe Room in the Sealed Threshold Hall, in the Containment Sector. On this Astral Plane you will face off against Former. From this control point make your way to the Sealed Threshold Hall. To start this mission make your way to the Sealed Threshold Entrance Control Point. Thanks for reading! The Containment Sector is a sector of the Oldest House. From there, take the elevator up to the Prime Candidate Program floor (you must also do this as part of the main story). I already got the Chinese lantern that was in this same room. Hey! It will create a disorienting hallway for you to traverse, but you can fly through it without much trouble. Kill any enemies that might get in your way, then look up.

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