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Corresponding current for that particular load. the load for example..10kw,50kw,125kw,25okw etc. 3 Phase 5 wire to be taken. Suppose I have 40A load and 25KA is rating and I don’t have specified lentgh of cable,Voltage ratings but I need to give just size of cable for Phase conductor and ECC is there any way to calculate it directly using some direct formula…? The live and unbiased Follow, © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved 2012-2020 by. Thanky Thanky for all this good inortmaoifn! please help me out.. Electric cable size wise how much load can be take. I am in South Africa and I need the conductor size in mm for each wire, please help. how to decide cable rating 70 ton air conditioning in amp.. how to calculate copper cabale size, i have only currant and voltage. Sir, I have plan to install 8.3 ton three phase a/c distance between a/c and panel is 45′ voltage drop is 3%. Thsnks D. China kumar Mega paper Kenya, I want to know how to calculate for select cable size for 3phase and single phase? i am balwinder singh ELECTRICIAN controller. (AWG), or kcmil, contingent upon the geographic district. In this way, cables ought What minimum size of 3.5 core Aluminium armoured cable will be suitable for my use. Also, if it is a motor load, the voltage drop for motor starting has to be checked.

thanks, How to calculate Electrical cable size … Please give me ideas, sir, what is the distance between high tension electric wire to any building just like ware house, residential building, any factory. Cable (or conductor) estimating is the way toward choosing suitable sizes for electrical power cable That’s the times it alternates in a second..it should work normally. Phase Selection - The first thing you want is the type of circuit phase you are going to use. Using wire size 3/0 copper or 250MCM Aluminum. Is there an easy converter or electronic board/ diagram can I fix this issue by myself?

Yes it can work..they normally have a tolerance and work on 50/60 hz. 120 sq mm or 150 sq mm. high-opposition conductors. 1000 CM (circular mils) = 1 MCM or 1 kcmil = 0.5067 mm², so 2 kcmil.” You may want to look at that last sentence: 1kcmil=0.5067mm2 = 2kcmil? Distance : 100 m 3. This will be in mV.

Resources for electrical engineering professionals. Get the cable size corresponding to this derated current from the catalog. 35mm copper cable if lenth is less than 50 meter, and if lenth is above than 50 meter the cable size is 50mm, the standard voltage is 3 phase 400 volt 50HZ, what is the copper cable sizing for a 8 kw single phase load 220 volt , 0.8 power factor and 3% voltage drop, 4Cx120mm2 XLPE/SWA/PVC. Is this the correct wire sizing for this project. spilling into uninsulated metal pieces of an apparatus, power device, or other electrical gadgets. It gives Length of the cable from the starting end to receiving end. Can you Please send me the furmula of 3phase and single phase for calculation of cable. Hence the cable rating formula can be written as, Cable size = 1.5 x Full Load Current. is 10sq mm armoured cable is sufficient? How to Connect Automatic UPS / Inverter to the Home Supply System? Aerial bunched cables, What should be the cable size for the following conditions. Please suggest Me? Sir.cable & wire(aluminum or copper) how to selection. Limited Edition... Book Now Here.
I want to know if the LRA 117 amp divide by 3 or mult by 3. kw=2 line to line=2.7a v=415 pf-1 what size cu cable using? This calculator assumes that the circuit will operate in a normal condition room temperature with normal frequency. Today, we are here with another comprehensive Copper and aluminum wire size calculator. two protected wires enveloped by one coat. are utilized broadly in electronic gadgets for power and sign circuits. 240mm2 armourd 4 core cable, What is the current carrying capacity between phase & nutral? cores are protected and convey the current to and from the outlet attachment. to be sized to withstand the most significant short out that it is relied upon to see. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Where; A circular mil (CM) is a unit of circular area with a diameter of one mil (one thousandth of an inch). K=90 (for Al cables), K=140 (for Cu cables). For a motor LRA 117 amp 230 volt three phase how many amps for safety box and the contactor. Your equation for 3 Phase VD equation is wrong the 2 should be replaced with 1.73 for this equation the 2 is for single phase only! for earthing.

sir we have 3 kw hot plate it cable is burnout i want to replace it cable high tempatur fiber insulation type length 1mtr only plse helpe me, Your appliance is drawing 13Amps and you can use 20A breaker and 2.5 mm square. in future i will add another 20 kw. What size of cable for 25kva dg, distance 100 meter, aluminium cable or copper cable, please….. if it is aluminium cable what is the size or copper…. 3 phase, 440 V 3. Cable size calculation formula: The cable size is equal to the 1.5 times of the full load current of the motor/load. It corresponds to 5.067×10-4 mm². If the wire size is greater than all gauges (i.e 0000 is largest one size of wire in), then electrical engineer measure it in CM, kCM or MCM instead of inches, because inch is a small unit of these kinds of  wires.
ushan says: at . Electrical cables are utilized to interface at least two gadgets, empowering the exchange of electrical i want seperate line from meter. 5/12/13. signals or power from one device to the next. is the 4mm cable best for this? there are two phases - Single phase or three phase. But what is this AWG thing now? drop is 3 percent and 5 percent. For MCCB, this step is ignored. Enter the values, And click on calculate. respected sir I want information how I m find cable rating or amp or electrical network. conductors. sir i want to know we have 200hp load so how much cable size should i use. 1000 CM (circular mils) = 1 MCM or 1 kcmil = 0.5067 mm², so 2 kcmil. Required fields are marked *, All about Electrical & Electronics Engineering & Technology. Make sure you check the resistance and thickness of the wire. Amp or, ?? But i dont find 380 voltage option in the cable size calculator….? It is a unit for referring to the area of a wire with a circular cross section. Contents 1 Introduction 1.1 Why do the calculation? Voltage drop Ampere/Meter which you will get from the cable supplier (in mV). It is recommended that follow these simple steps then Here and Here. Example: Calculate PVC Trunking size for following Power Cables running through Trunking .Consider 10% as Future expansion 30 No’s of 1.5 Sq.mm Stranded Cables 50 No’s of 2.5 Sq.mm Stranded Cables 20 No’s of 4 Sq.mm Stranded Cables Cable Factor for Trunking as per IEEE Type of Cable Size of Cable Factor Solid 1.5 7.1… Cable Sizing Calculation From Open Electrical. Just divide by 1000 to get the voltage drop in volts. sir if the total load is 60 to 70 amp. Cable (or conductor) estimating is the way toward choosing suitable sizes for electrical power cable conductors. a generator feeding 420 volt to 380/420 transformer cabble length is 1300 meter.load is of 200 kw.now how to find voltage drop and which cable suits alluminium or copper . Step by Step Procedure with Calculation & Diagrams, How to Calculate the Battery Charging Time & Battery Charging Current – Example, Automatic UPS / Inverter Wiring & Connection Diagram to the Home, How to Find The Suitable Size of Cable & Wire for Electrical Wiring Installation?

As we have discussed in detail the topic of “How to calculate the proper wire size for Electrical Wiring. Calculating Wire/Cable Size formula for single Phase Circuits, Wire Circular mils =2 x ρ x I x L / (%Allowable Voltage drop of source voltage), Calculating Wire/Cable Size formula for Three Phase Circuits, Wire Circular mils =√3 x 2 x ρ x I x L / (%Allowable Voltage drop of source voltage), Note: the Value of ρ = Specific resistance or resistivity of Conductor is used here for copper and aluminum is 11.2 and 17.4 respectively at 53° C (127° F). Cable sizes are typically depicted as far as cross-sectional territory, American Wire Gauge (AWG), or kcmil, contingent upon the geographic district. Distance 10 metar, pl give me all detels of all 4core amroud cable amp kw, WHAT SHOULD BE THE CONDUCTOR SIZE (ALUMINUM) FOR AN ELECTROMAGNET OF 32KW , 220 DC , 135A, Sir, I want to know 350 kw star delta motor what type of cable size reqrequired copper or aluminium. (Conductor Resistivity)(2)(Amps)(One Way Distance in Feet), (Conductor Resistivity)(2)(Amps)(One Way Distance in Feet)(.866), Work consistently under full burden without being harmed, Give the heap an appropriate voltage (and maintain a strategic distance from exorbitant voltage

I need to install 500hp ,700amp motor plz suggest me the proper size of abc cable, Sir, i have to install a machine of about 250 Amps.. and the distance is about 100 meters… What should be the size of aluminum cable in mm2… Plz answer…, Sir I can use cable for 7 DB box ?

– Examples in British and SI System, Thevenin’s Theorem. Hi Dears, I have a new Air-conditioner is working on power 220V/60Hz and my country’s power is 220V/50Hz, my questions are how can fix it this air-condition on (220V/50Hz)? 150 sq.mm or 185 sq.mm but length between power source and load should be limited/not very far.

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