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That year it was the Lakers and Chicago, whose general manager, Rod Thorn, had the bright idea of having Bulls fans vote on whether to call heads or tails. He’s meant a great deal to the success of the Lakers and to me personally, and he will be missed terribly. El SEGUNDO – Bill Sharman, former Head Coach, General Manager, President and Special Consultant for the Lakers, passed away this morning at his home in Redondo Beach. We need more people like Bill Sharman but unfortunately, they are few and far between. film,

section: | slug: hall-of-famer-former-lakers-coach-bill-sharman-dead-at-87 | sport: basketball | route: article_single.us | My love and sympathy go to Joyce and Bill’s family.”. And even for him it wasn’t easy or quick.

Despite his greatness as a player, coach and executive, Bill was one of the sweetest, nicest and most humble people I’ve ever known.

The common denominator: all three Laker icons took their troubles to Bill Sharman. He played baseball in the Brooklyn Dodgers minor league system from 1950-1955. “They assigned him to clean up the art classes,” she said with a chuckle. He married his longtime girlfriend Joyce Sharman. Special from your local Spy Store (dice camera). …, Early in-person voting in the South Bay has begun and will continue through…, Manager Dave Roberts deserved this World Series title even more than his players. Click here for more information on Bill Sharman, Copyright © 2020 NBA Media Ventures, LLC. More voters — both nationwide and in key battlegrounds — said former Vice President Joe Biden would be better able to handle the coronavirus pandemic, the top concern for about 4 in 10 voters. AKA William Walton Sharman. After Sharman’s wife died in 1975, she later met the woman, Joyce McLay, who married him in November 1981.

After Sharman’s wife died in 1975, she later met the woman, Joyce McLay, who married him in November 1981. It's probably going to get worse Protect yourself. And Bill Russell, his other great and good friend from those Celtic teams, could not make it because he had to be there when his statue was unveiled in Boston Friday afternoon. My love and sympathy go to Joyce and Bill’s family.”. After that confrontation, Riley found his niche on the team: to play such rugged, physical defense on West and Elgin Baylor in practice that they were ready for whatever they had to face in a real game. Riley, West and Laker scout Bill Bertka all described the uneasy sensation of having a Celtic legend come into LA to teach the Lakers how to win, transforming the Lakers not-quite-good-enough culture to a we-expect-to win culture. Finally on the fifth day she asked him: “Why, in this city of millions of people, would I want to meet him and why would he want to meet me?”, His answer touched something deep in her heart: “Because he is a prince among men.”.

After they exchanged vows, she turned to his family – including his children from his first marriage – and made a vow to them: “I told them I knew how much they loved him, and that I’m going to take good care of him.”, Contact the writer: paulteetor@verizon.net.

But Reichman said his research revealed that Sharman’s ultra-competitiveness first emerged in elementary school in Lomita, long before he won 15 varsity letters at Porterville High in central California. Despite his greatness as a player, coach and executive, Bill was one of the sweetest, nicest and most humble people I’ve ever known. He was initially banished with the other scrubs to practice in the girl’s gym while the varsity squad practiced in the men’s gym. In 1971-72, his first season with the Lakers, Sharman led the club to their first NBA championship in Los Angeles, a then-NBA record and current franchise record 69 wins, and compiled the longest winning streak in the history of professional sports (33 consecutive victories). “I had the pleasure of attending their marriage. Raffle tickets are $2 each with a minimum purchase of 5 tickets required and can be purchased at either Bill’s Ring of Hope website or http://www.netraffle.org/. Sharman’s success that season earned him the NBA’s “Coach of the Year” award, and he would go on to lead the team until 1975-76. Bill Sharman is a special consultant to the Lakers, and previously served as Coach, General Manager, and President with the team. You must be logged in to post a comment All Rights Reserved.

Sharman served for the past 23 years as a Special Consultant with the Lakers.

Covering the impact of coronavirus on the sports world.

Cadillac’s CT5 offers solid value among upscale domestic sedans, Rancho Palos Verdes novelist finds resolution to father’s suicide. “That’s the greatest way anyone can honor Bill,” his widow, Joyce Sharman, said. In the spring of 1981 Joyce McLay was a young and beautiful single woman living temporarily in Los Angeles, the type of blond, vivacious woman constantly being approached by men. Bill Russell. “From the time I signed with the team as a free agent in 1981 when Bill was General Manager, he’s been a mentor, a work collaborator, and most importantly, a friend. Hall of Famer Bill Sharman died Friday, his wife told the Los Angeles Times. He coached the Lakers on their first NBA Championship title upon their move to Los Angeles and still holds the longest winning streak (33 games) in NBA History. Get all the sports news you need, direct to your inbox. © 1998 - 2020 Nexstar Inc. | All Rights Reserved. “He called and sent flowers every day.”, Soon she was back in LA and six months later they got married. Sharman passed away peacefully surrounded by his wife Joyce and his family. Proceeds from “Bill’s Ring of Hope” raffle will benefit eight different charities, including the James Worthy Foundation. For it wasn’t just hall-of-famers like West, Riley and Bryant who turned out for Sharman’s memorial service last Saturday at the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, a week after he died  on Oct. 25 at age 87.

“Bill said if I got in the best condition of my life, defended with aggression and always do what I tell you, you’ve got a good shot at making the team,” Riley recalled. Billy Duke, or Bill as he was known, was born in Meridian, Mississippi on December 20, 1936, and was a lifelong member of the Meridian community. Oh sure, the crowd of more than 500 contained plenty of other big names like Pau Gasol, Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss, James Worthy, Gary Vitti, Kurt Rambis and Paul Westphal, as well as record producer Lou Adler (the dapper guy rocking a trim white beard and hipster hat who sits next to Jack Nicholson at every Lakers home game) and Vietnam Vet Ron Kovic, who wrote the best-seller “Born on the Fourth of July” that was turned into an Oliver Stone film. There was an outpouring of sadness in the NBA world when Sharman …

“In the hyper-competitive world of pro sports, that just doesn’t happen.”. Warriors executive and former Laker Jerry West also released a statement: The Celtics also released a statement Friday: SI.com shared several gems of journalism about Sharman Friday. “As our head coach, Bill led us to our first championship in Los Angeles, and he was an important contributor to the 10 championship teams that followed.

Bill Sharman was born in Abilene. She recalled that Sharman had lost his voice coaching the Lakers to the 1972 NBA title and that he never really recovered it, speaking for the last 41 years in a high-pitched scratchy squeak (except for the year, 1988, when he stopped speaking entirely in a semi-successful effort repair his vocal cords.
Bill Sharman is shown standing with, from left, James Worthy, Bill Russell, Jim Harrick and Jerry West as tournament coordinator Tim Haas pays tribute to this all-star group of celebrities in 2010. Terms of Use |

In her first day on the job there was a fire alarm at the Brentwood apartment complex she was assigned to. Thank you Bill for gracing my life and for being my friend.”. We work in collaboration with a wide spectrum of community-based organizations to provide the essential infrastructure and support tools required to empower and engage people to uplift themselves and their community.

By Jeff Mitchell Beach Wheels I recently test-drove a Cadillac CT5 and can say…, Marthe Cohn's perfect German helped her infiltrate the Third Reich to gather intelligence that helped end the war in Europe.

After his coaching stint ended, Sharman transitioned to the Lakers front office, being named General Manager prior to the 1976-77 season and later becoming team president following the 1982 season. After a 1 year engagement they were married in 1949.

About. If you make a request through There were some rough early patches when the two strong-willed men were getting to know each other. Bill Sharman is a member of the following lists: University of Southern California alumni, USC Trojans men's basketball players and People from Abilene, Texas. Now, agents like Whitson – who represented two Laker players – are normally adversaries of a team’s general manager, not an advocate or matchmaker for them. But in his dealings with Sharman he had become impressed with him as a human being and knew he had been single since his wife died of cancer five years ago. Other innovations introduced by Sharman included the morning shoot-around – an extension of his individual pre-game routine with the Celtics – and the three-point shot, both of which have become staples of the modern game.

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Sharman is the only man who has been able to truly bridge the tribal rivalry.

“I grew up in BoyleHeights.

Sharman holds the record for most championship rings earned by a player, coach, general manager, team president and consultant with 17. Bill is survived by his wife Joyce, two daughters (Nancy & Janice) and two sons (Tom & Jerry) from a previous marriage. Basketball Player. He is one of only three people to be inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame as both a Player and as a Coach. Get the latest odds, analysis, and insights at Yahoo Sportsbook.
He is most remembered for Boston Celtics. Bill Sharman Popularity . For the last 34 years, his importance to Dr. Buss and our family, and for the last 42 years to the Lakers organization, cannot be measured in words. “He always did all he could to help young people. Voters in the U.S. presidential election faced a public health crisis and a wounded economy, but neither candidate emerged as the clear choice to handle both of those issues, according to AP Votecast. ), “Our offices were close together, and Bill was having great difficulty with his voice, so much so that it took a lot of energy to speak. The passing of Bill Sharman at the age of 87 on Oct. 25 generated a lot of stories about his accomplishments as an athlete and coach. Click below to get your 1st promotion going… no credit card required, no strings attached. Over the decades the Lakers and Celtics have become the NBA’s fiercest rivalry. to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. How can Kumon Redondo Beach help your preschooler? Click here for more information on Bill Sharman …

About 3 in 10 voters nationally ranked the economy as the most pressing issue. So Cooke lured Sharman away from Utah and Bertka quickly saw what an innovator he was. American Basketballer Bill Sharman was born William Walton Sharman on 25th May, 1926 in Abilene, Texas, USA and passed away on 25th Oct 2013 Redondo Beach, California aged 87.

James Worthy and Joyce Sharmin (wife of Bill Sharmin) join us to talk about a fundraiser that includes raffling off Bill Sharman’s 2010 LA Lakers’ NBA Championship.

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