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Ms Handsjuk was just 24 when she plunged feet first down the garbage chute of her high-rise apartment building on December 2, 2010. or Baillee Schneider, a Melbourne model who was found dead by her parents in 2018. Ms Schneider's father said despite his daughter having a difficult time in the months before her death, 'it was hard to see how' she could have taken her own life. On Sunday, a small group of Ms Schneider’s friends gathered at her parents house to commemorate the 12 month anniversary of her death while they await answers on why this young woman’s life ended so prematurely. Bailey hosts the 9am - 12pm show on Smile 90.4 FM every Monday - Friday. At the time of her death Ms Schneider had been dating Melbourne socialite Anthony Hampel (right), 51, for about nine months. She had attended a backyard barbeque with Mr Hampel the night before and was upset after rowing with him. If you would like to use any content from this website, please contact Bailey first. There were still happy times as well, such as international modelling shoots in Fiji and Thailand or simple family birthday celebrations dancing to music. Mr Hampel, the son of retired Supreme Court judge George Hampel and the stepson of Federal Court judge Felicity Hampel, was also the boyfriend of another much younger woman whose death sparked another coronial inquest, Phoebe Handsjuk. He is believed to have been one of the final people Ms Schneider spoke to before her death. Stay safe and healthy. He found that affected by a combination of alcohol and sleeping pills, Ms Handsjuk entered the small chute feet first and fell down 12 storeys.

Mr Hampel - whose father George is a retired Victorian Supreme Court judge - began dating Ms Schneider after his marriage to Emily Williams ended. Business inquires kyle@sponsorship.help. Mr Hampel is believed to among the last people who communicated with Ms Schneider before her death. Much like Ms Schneider, Ms Handsjuk was much younger than Mr Hampel. This was witnessed by Ms Schneider's brother, who was up late partying with some old friends from Tasmania. Included in this was her relationship with Mr Hampel, who she rarely mentioned or posted about on social media. Golf and tennis WILL be banned: Michael Gove apologises for suggesting the two outdoor sports could... Sadistic ex-soldier, 54, chopped legs off harmless hedgehog and dripped candlewax in its eyes on... Baillee Schneider (pictured) was found dead on the floor of her parents home at Moonee Ponds in Melbourne's north in July 2018. When they returned she was slumped against a cupboard in the corner, a gold cord around her neck. Under the influence of alcohol and sleeping drug Stilnox, she had entered the garbage chute on the building's 12th floor feet-first, he found. Log In. She has MC'd over 200 events and clients keep coming back for more. While on the face of it Ms Schneider's death appears a suicide, police are continuing to investigate unanswered questions under guidance from the Victorian Coroner. If you need someone to pull your event together in an entertaining, classy way that delivers your brands message, Bailey is the MC for you.
The David Tutera Experience - March 29-31 2020. None of them recognised the man but Ms Schneider seemed to go with him willingly and get into a car that had been waiting out the front. Bailey is well sought after for her soft sell, hard sell, intimate and corporate voice overs. A toxicology report also revealed traces of cocaine in her blood. Police and coronial officers returned to the Schneider house in April to again study the kitchen area and take photographs. The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald approached Mr Hampel for comment through his lawyer, Arnold Bloch Leibler partner, Leon Zwier. Most confounding is the lack of an obvious point in the kitchen from which the 178 centimetre tall woman could have hung. Baillee Schneider, 25, was spending her Saturday morning lazing on the couch with her phone in hand when Mr and Mrs Schneider went down the street. At the time of her death, Ms Schneider had been in a relationship with Melbourne events promoter, Antony Hampel, 51, for about 9 months. Coroner White ignored the advice and delivered the accidental finding, which was heavily criticised by Ms Handsjuk's family and other experts. På E24 podcast sammen med programl… So it is encouraging police and the Coroner are being thorough,” he said. Part 2 will follow soon!…” Revealed: Ryan Giggs 'attacked lover Kate Greville as she packed her things to leave his £1.7m... Are infections ALREADY flattening? Daily Mail Australia does not suggest Mr Hampel was involved in the deaths of either Ms Handsjuk or Ms Schneider. Ms Schneider had kept her relationship with Mr Hampel extremely low profile. They acknowledge their daughter had her struggles and a taste for the wild side. UK records 20,018 new Covid cases - 12% FEWER than last Tuesday -... 'Losing is never easy. He told Lilli that her sister had sent him a disturbing text message and was clearly upset by something. At the time of her death Ms Schneider had been dating Melbourne socialite Anthony Hampel, 51, for about nine months. According to her parents, Ms Schneider's toxicology report showed traces of cocaine and a relatively low blood alcohol level. Need an inviting, professional voice for your commercial or corporate video?

According to Ms Schneider’s mother, Sabine, her daughter had saud that Mr Hampel was trying to help her moderate her drinking, improve her self esteem and even tried to introduce her to veganism. Bailey writes a popular lifestyle blog. Deceased Melbourne model Baillee Schneider, and her then boyfriend Ant Hampel.

'None of us can understand how she could have done this to herself,' Mr Schneider told The Age. In response he expressed his condolences and said he had been trying desperately to help get her daughter's life back on track. Shortly before her death , Ms Schneider had been in contact with Victoria Police about an alleged sexual assault in the early hours of the morning at a hotel near Albert Park. He said there was no suicide note, no obvious place to hang a rope and they are still baffled by her decision to take out a life insurance policy three weeks beforehand. We created enough chances to win, Ex-head of Loko Naumov Pro 1:1 with Atletico: Before the match, I didn't believe in a draw. Ms Schneider later phoned her sister and told her about an alleged sexual assault that had happened at the hotel. Mr Hampel, whose lawyers opposed an inquest, has strenuously denied any involvement or knowledge of Ms Handsjuk's death and The Age does not suggest otherwise. She bled to death on the floor of the compactor room - a tragic accident. So it is encouraging police and the Coroner are being thorough.'.

When they returned she was dead. Top of the list is how the young woman could have hung herself in the kitchen where there was no obvious point to do so, The Age reports. Mr Hampel's lawyers opposed an inquest, but he gave evidence during it and denied his involvement in her death. We love you and we have another you-centric episode coming Wednesday! She is also a voice over artist, MC, blogger and social media manager. In the months leading up to her death Ms Schneider (pictured) began working at strip clubs in Melbourne and increasingly hid more of her life from her parents, A number of years before his relationship with Ms Schneider, Mr Hampel (right) - whose father George is a retired Victorian Supreme Court judge - had been dating another glamorous and much younger woman, Phoebe Handsjuk (left), Ms Handsjuk (above) was living with Mr Hampel when she plunged feet first down the garbage chute of her high-rise apartment building in Melbourne on December 2, 2010, Following the death of her daughter, Mrs Schneider rang Mr Hampel to inform him of the tragic news. Other similarities included their stunning looks, self-esteem issues and difficulties coping with alcohol. The Coroner has yet to decide whether to hold an inquest. “Yes we want resolution but not at the expense of the truth. Lilli convinced her sister to report it to police. His judgment says she controlled her descent into the ground floor compactor room only to have the blade of the machine almost sever her leg at the ankle, causing her to bleed to death. 04:09 25 Jun 2019, updated 06:18 25 Jun 2019. In the 2016 podcast Phoebe’s Fall, The Age extensively covered the lead-up to Ms Handsjuk’s 2010 death, including her volatile relationship with Mr Hampel and the controversial inquest finding which cleared him of any involvement. Bailey owns BS MEDIA which specialises in managing social media for clients. A little over a year ago young Melbourne model Baillee Schneider was found unconscious at her parents' Moonee Ponds house. Mr Hampel was not among the 150 or more people who attended the celebration of Ms Schneider's life at a memorial service at a Kensington hall. Jeg blir ofte invitert til å gjeste podcast om innovasjon, teknologi og samfunn for E24, Shifter, NRK, Compedge, Hanspetter.info… Her er det noen eksempler. 37261 Followers. She had a cord around her neck when she was discovered, Police are continuing to investigate the death of Ms Schneider (pictured) with a number of unanswered questions under guidance from the Victorian Coroner. If you are troubled by this report or experiencing a personal crisis, you can call Lifeline 131 114 or beyondblue 1300 224 636 or visit lifeline.org.au or beyondblue.com.au, Pep about city in the Champions League: We need three or even one more point to reach the play-offs, Flick about 6:2 with Red bull: for the audience it was a top match, for the coaches not so top, Liverpool started the Champions League with three games to nil for the first time, Lautaro about 2:3 with Real Madrid: Inter Zol. “None of us can understand how she could have done this to herself,” Mr Schneider said.

He expressed his sympathy and added that he had been trying to help her blossom. She writes daily and writes about everything she is passionate about and all her adventures. In response he expressed his condolences and said he had been trying desperately to get her daughter's (pictured) life back on track, Daily Mail Australia does not suggest Mr Hampel (right) was involved in the deaths of either Ms Handsjuk (left) or Ms Schneider, By Josh Hanrahan For Daily Mail Australia, 04:09 25 Jun 2019, updated 06:18 25 Jun 2019, Shocking photos reveal Australia's 'construction crisis' amid warnings cracked Mascot Towers is now SINKING as its devastated residents are dealt another blow, Michael Hutchence family feud causes council to abandon plans for $145K statue of former INXS singer. She had become more secretive and began working at Melbourne’s strip clubs, introducing her to unhealthy influences.

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