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Broadcasting is just like watching something hemorrhage to death in slow motion.

It used to be preset in my vehicle as a primary radio station and I used to enjoy it and listen to them religiously , not any more… I hope this radio station falls and never returns to air waves…, Jesperson was a bright light of common sense and decency.

You have definitely lost this listener. My two favorite morning shows. Well so am I. Hallelujah! Shaye Ganam needs to go, he just sounds so negative. @630ched Twitter

COVID-19 outbreaks declared on 3 units at Grey Nuns Community Hospital in Edmonton. Report a problem, Webmaster, Rhonda Halarewich, Senior marketing manager That brings me to another loser, Stacey from CTV was let go too! I found him to be a loudmouth , too full of himself, rude and turned him off if i was in the car while he was on air.

Edmontonians are jumping for joy knowing CHED has fired Ryan Jesperson.
Not good talk show host material, IMO. Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Sreejithk2000 using CommonsHelper. Ched and Global have turned to the left and except for a few personalities they are not objective or centrist anymore. All I can say is it’s about time. You have the power to change and save lives at the Maz. Now it will be the UCP and tory propaganda show. His downfall was that he calls out public representatives, asks the hard questions and doesn’t let them get away with thier avoidance responses – which s why certain municipal and provincial political figures found it more comfortable to hide from him on air and instead put a bounty on him from the comfort of their offices. It is useful when you really need to get some breaking news but good God is it ever boring. Instead, Danielle forthrightly fills in. Ched used to be such a great station to listen to because of the talk show hosts than they climbed on board with Covid news, All the Snowflake whiners like cmon Ched Jespo was awesome he makes one comment and he is gone. It does not meet the threshold of originality needed for copyright protection, and is therefore in the public domain. I will finally try listening to this station again. 630 Ched, in my opinion has made a mistake and it’s not just Edmonton’s loss, but Alberta’s.

It was his way or the highway. CHED (630 AM) is a radio station broadcasting News/Talk/Sports format. Was it calling one of Edmonton City Counillor Mike Nickel staff member a chimpanzee the last straw?


Big taker Mercedes owner LOL. Public domain Public domain false false: This image consists only of simple geometric shapes or text. He regularly had guests on who presented opposing opinions to his and gave equal opportunity to all sides to come on the show & present argument. Report an error and audio help, Syd Smith, Program Director

Thank goodness for CFWE windspeaker Talk radio is brutal in this city, I will miss trolling him on the text line , S o CHED finally let “ Big Jaw” Jesperson go. Like hearing Danielle please keep her own for Edmonton, Glad to see Ryan gone…I left CHED the 2nd day he was on the air.. .let Danielle take over his spot…smart move CHED.

Why? I knew something was happening at CHED since he hasn’t been on air for 2 weeks. Santas Depot is currently open Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm, Masks are required at Santas Depot due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Jespersons 800 miles away. His voice irritated me and his opinion was moot . I will really miss his cheerful energy in the morning. I don’t mind Bob Layton and some of the sports coverage.

His ott bombastic tone, grated on us, so we turned off ched at 9.00am.

Contest Line: 780-496-0063 Your topics were boring and one sided. Join us for entertaining stories and unique guests!

Thank God Jesperson is finally off the airwaves. Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents. Move forward: Replacement Ideas?? Ok Folks could we try being a little bit civil.

Her show on fossil fuels, wind power and solar power was the best. We're here to help. I thought I was living in another dimension when this Alberta talk radio host started calling people stupid because they were concerned about forced vaccinations and bulk 3rd world immigration at the behest of the UN.

I don’t agree with cancel culture, but sometimes the right decision is made because a person pushes their arrogance too far and this seems to be such a case. She is performing an excellent job covering Edmonton and All of Alberta. I messsged him months ago when he made un-founded disparaging comments about our provincial government. Genres: Local News / Sports Talk. Was it restructuring in disguise, was it cancel culture in these woke times, was it the left, was it the right…???? Ryan was a full on Communist loaded with political correctness, on the outside.

which he rejected!

As a community station, Thay also have programs for ethnic communities Canadian, Aboriginal programs, religious programs, sport, local news and interviews etc. If Ryan got bounced for lobbing a verbal SCUD add a city counsellor staff – yikes. Welcome to Those Old Radio Shows.

Eileen Bell, Newsroom

Devin Horne, Newsroom I won’t be listening. Sonic is better anyway. Ryan Is far from a bright light, he’s a dim wit.

Ryan Jesperson was the reason I stayed watching til his segment, long after the news was cycling over again. Canada Radio Stations. How about certified twit laughing stock? Now to get rid of Shaye and his counterpart and maybe then I will listen to 630 again. WOW- Lots of nasty responses- pro and con.

I never listen to the radio unless I’m in the car, but he inspired me to tune in a few times.

This all had less to do with an angry councillor and more to do with CHED seizing an opportunity to cut costs while virtue signaling. Radio contacts.

So what is a listener to deduce from that? Best wishes to him! I had been listening to CHED for past 20

CHED's studios are located on 84th Street in Edmonton, while its transmitters are located in Southeast Edmonton. Not really cool CHED!!! $3 bill. September 27, 2020 - 12:26 am Bonnie. After years of listening to CHED I quite listening to the station.

Licensed to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, it first began broadcasting in 1954. Be somebody's Santa and drop off a new, unwrapped toy - donation locations are available year-round. 630 CHED Radio official website address is www.630ched.com.
Instead of letting him go.

This is the most disappointing news I’ve heard since Bruce Bowie retired. Kelsey Campbell, Executive producer – On leave, contact Kyle Morris, Chelsea Bird, Co-host, 630 CHED Mornings I think most people have heard the saying “sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt you.” I don’t think Mr. Jespersen deserves to get fired for that, when he works for a “talk radio show”. NO.

I’m impressed that Corus has loosened their purse strings and actually hired a newsreader that has experience and can actually read without stumbling over simple words. Ryan Jespersen was the only reason I ever listened to CHED.

Now Danielle Smith has kind of a read of what goes down in the CHED listening area and would often make light of her brief tour of duty often saying “you only have to put up with me for X days and Ryan will be back on Y.“.

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